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People of India must stop hate, just as Gandhi Ji did in Kolkata: Harsh Mander

Kolkata: "Why is the 2024 Lok Sabha election important? You should know that you are electing the Constituent Assembly (Samvidhan Sabha) once again. Because if the Bharatiya Janata Party and its allies return to power, the Constitution, which grants liberty to...

Journalists, Writers Raided Under UAPA in Crackdown on Critical Reporting

New Delhi: Delhi police special cell raids homes of several journalists, writers and satirists associated with Newsclick website early morning today in Delhi. Their phones and laptops have been taken away. Police has started interrogations in matters “related to terror links”...

MP Jawhar Sircar Highlights ‘Biggest Threat’ India Faces Today during Nabi Diwas Event

Kolkata: “I write about Nabi Diwas, not just this year, but every year. Tell, me how many people know about this celebration, but how many people...




Bangladesh PM Hasina’s UN Visit: A Message to the World Ahead of Elections

After a successful cameo at the G20 summit in Delhi earlier this month, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s recent visit to the US to...

Words like Katuwa, Mullah, Atankwadi by BJP MP were also for global Muslim leaders too whom Modi hugs

The new Parliament building has forever been marked by the viciousness and obstinacy of the saffron mentality. The true face of the Sangh Parivar...

INDIA: Achievements and Challenges

The 28-party Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) resolved to fight the 2024 Lok Sabha elections together “as far as possible” and put in...

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