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Bhopal Gas Disaster: A Case Study in the Failure of Environmental Regulation

Bhopal, Jabalpur, New Delhi: The morning on a day in the year 1974 dawned clear and sunny as the cattle belonging to residents of Chola area strayed into the area of a pool fed by a rubber pipe issuing from the...

Troll language reaches new parliament, BJP MP calls Muslim MP ‘Mullah Terrorist’

Delhi: Exactly, three months back when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked in the United States what steps he will take to improve the rights of Muslims in India? PM Modi India responded by saying that India is a democratic nation...

Has specialized medical and research establishment of BMHRC’s approach to Bhopal gas victims failed?

Bhopal: At 8:30 clock one morning, during the monsoon season of 2023, Aqeel Ahmed (43) with the support of a walking stick arrived on the premises...




Words like Katuwa, Mullah, Atankwadi by BJP MP were also for global Muslim leaders too whom Modi hugs

The new Parliament building has forever been marked by the viciousness and obstinacy of the saffron mentality. The true face of the Sangh Parivar...

INDIA: Achievements and Challenges

The 28-party Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) resolved to fight the 2024 Lok Sabha elections together “as far as possible” and put in...

Modi Government’s Attempt to Erase Word “India” from Official Discourse Draws Criticism

Coincidentally after the opposition parties came together to form INDIA (Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance), the ruling BJP is desisting from the use of...

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