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Calcutta High Court: Surprised, how doctors missed vital aspects in first autopsy

Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court, which after seeing the second postmortem report by the forensic expert had called the death of IIT Kharagpur student Faizan Ahmed, a ‘homicide’ in its order has also expressed ‘surprise’ at the fact that the doctors...

Death of IIT student Faizan Ahmed is a homicide: Calcutta High Court

Kolkata: In a major development, in the death of IIT Kharagpur student Faizan Ahmed, whose dead body was found inside his hostel room in October last year, Calcutta High Court, after going through ‘second autopsy report’ observed that it as a...

Iitian Faizan Ahmed Enewsroom

Kolkata: Calcutta High Court ordered a second autopsy to get a clear understanding of the case of Faizan Ahmed’s death in Iitian Faizan Ahmed Enewsroom The third-year...




Muslim scholars call for end to lavish weddings and Umrahs

A Faizur Rahman, an Urdu-speaking native of Chennai, is an executive committee member of Harmony India, an organisation to promote secularism and communal harmony...

Karnataka chooses compassion and genuine connection over megalomania

“An egotistical utterance should always be regarded as false.”-- MK Gandhi, Bapu Ke Ashirvad, July 26, 1945 This is precisely how the Karnataka voter responded...

The Origin and Evolution of May Day as a Workers’ Rights Symbol

Kolkata: May Day was not born in the Soviet Union — but in Capitalist America, to become a universal symbol of the rights and...

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