During 10 years of Modi govt, 16 lakhs crores turns into NPA and written off- Jawhar Sircar

The highlights of TMC's Rajya Sabha MP speech remained about NPA, loans on each Indian and corporate bias of the Modi govt

In one of his sharpest attacks, Jawhar Sircar, an All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) Rajya Sabha member highlighted many aspects of India’s economy, which is allegedly being ruined by the Modi government. The senior bureaucrat turned Rajya Sabha member claimed that the Non-Performing Assets (NPA) during Modi govt in the last ten years has been as high as the budget of seven Indian states.

The former IAS not only mentioned that the BJP-led NDA govt wrote off 17 lakh crores of money because it turned NPA but also that the loans on each Indian have also increased.

Jawhar Sircar mentioned GDP, fiscal deficit, and corporate bias in his speech. The MP also asked the government what exactly is the GDP growth of the country.

He also informed that each Indian has a loan of Rs 1.17 lakhs on him or her. And added that the quantum of borrowing is exactly the same as the budget 10 years ago.

Listen to him.

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