From Wings to Wisdom: Retired Wing Commander Shapes Youth for Success

Watch | With over 14 years of service left, Wing Commander Akhtar chose to invest his time in nurturing the next generation, recognizing the importance of instilling confidence and resilience

Kolkata: Wing Commander Shamim Akhtar (Retd) made a remarkable decision to take voluntary retirement from the Indian Army, not to rest but to serve a higher purpose: grooming the youth for careers in the army and beyond. Presently stationed in Kolkata, he dedicates his time to training students from diverse educational backgrounds in essential soft skills, such as communication, leadership, and resilience.

His students, hailing from far-flung areas, converge to attend his sessions, spanning disciplines like engineering, law, and literature. What sets the army veteran apart is not just his dedication but his altruism—he offers these sessions free of cost, a gesture aimed at empowering the youth irrespective of their financial background.

Beyond imparting soft skills, Akhtar serves as a conduit between aspiring youth and Indian Army vacancies, often bringing to light opportunities that students were previously unaware of. For him, retirement wasn’t an end but a new beginning—a chance to inspire and mold future leaders.

“When I took premature retirement, my 14 years of service was left. But I wanted to groom youth and help build future leaders, so it was the right time to quit and start something to motivate students,” the ex- Air Force Officer shared with eNewsroom.

His philosophy is simple yet profound: to instill confidence and uniqueness in his students, empowering them to make a mark in their chosen fields. Through his mentorship, he not only imparts skills but also emphasizes the importance of maintaining mental strength and physical fitness, essential for navigating the challenges of the future.

Akhtar’s mission extends beyond the classroom; it’s about fostering holistic development and nurturing well-rounded individuals. By encouraging his students to prioritize quality time with family and friends, he underscores the significance of balance in life—a lesson as valuable as any technical skill.

Watch our video story on the former army man’s work to develop leadership qualities among Indian youth

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