Ramgarh lynching victim family alleges police role in the murder

Ranchi: The day Prime Minister Narendra Modi told that in Gandhi’s country, violence in the name of cow worshiping is not allowed, same time, Alimuddin Ansari was lynched in Ramgarh, Jharkhad.

Alimuddin’s killing has devastated his family. Her wife even rued that Hindutva mob can injured him and leave him, that much they can bear, but how they can kill him, so mercilessly.

Alimuddin’s lynching is the third major incident, after Latehar and Jamshedur lynching. In Latehar, two people including a 12-year-old minor was hanged to death. While in Jamshedpur, seven people in two different incidents were lynched in one night.

Watch eNewsroom’s video to listen what the kin are saying against the brutal murder.


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