Women power, helped Rajasthan farmers get success without violence

Jaipur: Since September 1, thousands of farmers from Rajasthan’s– Sikar, Churu, Jhunjhunu, Sri Ganganagar, Bikaner were seen protesting against Vasundhara Raje’s government to waive off their loans.

The protest ran for 13 days, following which, Rajasthan government had to accept the demands of the agitating farmers. The government was compelled to waive off the farmer loan, which amounted to Rs 50,000. This success, would not have been possible, if the females of the mentioned region had not participated in the agitation in large numbers.

Amazingly, these women behind their so-iconic veils, not just resorted to blocking the roads, but also were successful in stopping the police from reaching the area where the protest was being staged. These women, interestingly even danced on to the tunes of revolutionary songs, which was critical of the government policies.

Following, which the Rajasthan government even imposed Section 144 and even blocked internet service. However, despite all, they could not dent the enthusiasm of the farmers and women.

Most of the farmer’s agitation in India, in the past had turned violent, in Madhya Pradesh, protesting farmers, even had to face the bullets, but here no such thing happened in Rajasthan. Vasundhara led BJP government had to accept farmer’s demand, after their attempt to snub the protest failed. And one can’t deny the role that these women played in both adding vibrancy and vigour to the protests.

Recently, Rahul Gandhi during his Rajasthan visit had criticized that BJP has no time for farmer’s issue.

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