Kolkata Residents Boycott Israeli and American Products in Response to Genocide in Palestine

Watch | Kolkata Unites: A week-long campaign urges 100% Boycott of Israeli and American Products in solidarity with Palestine

Kolkata: In a powerful act of protest against Israel’s ongoing violence in Palestine, residents of Kolkata, India, have launched a week-long campaign to boycott Israeli and American products. The movement, known as the ‘7 Days 7 Products Boycott Movement,‘ aims to pressure Israel to end its attacks on Palestinian civilians and bring about a ceasefire.

The Concerned Citizens of Kolkata, the group behind the campaign, has been actively reaching out to residents, urging them to replace products from Israeli and American companies with alternatives. They have also been using auto-rickshaws to make announcements, organizing street corner meetings, distributing handbills, and putting up roadside banners and stickers to spread the message.

The boycott call has resonated strongly with Kolkata’s residents, who have expressed their deep sadness and anger over the atrocities committed against Palestinians. They feel helpless witnessing such violence and have come together to use their consumer power to make a difference.

The group members emphasize that they are not advocating for violence but rather for a peaceful and democratic form of protest, in line with the principles of non-violence espoused by India’s founding father, Mahatma Gandhi. They believe that boycotting Israeli and American products is a powerful way to send a message of condemnation to the Israeli government and its allies.

The group extends the call beyond products directly linked to Israel, including companies like Amazon that allegedly support the nation financially. As the campaign gains momentum, the activists express optimism that it will evolve into a larger movement, influencing both individual consumers and major corporations operating in India.

The ‘7 Days 7 Products Boycott Movement’ has received an overwhelming response from Kolkata residents, and the group plans to extend the campaign beyond the initially planned 15 days. They hope to inspire similar movements in other cities across India and the world, amplifying the call for justice for Palestinians.

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