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Nishikant’s indecent language and Mahua’s digging into his education qualification

Dubey was just 10 year old at the time of his matriculation examination, wonders Moitra

Kolkata: Mahua Moitra, Trinamool Congress’s member of parliament known for her fiery speeches inside the parliament, also uses Twitter to highlight major issues with documents. The Krishnanagar MP has raised many serious points about the Adani Group on Twitter recently. She has also tweeted the discrepancies in the affidavit of Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Godda, Nishikant Dubey about his MBA, PhD degrees and exact age during Dubey’s matriculations.

The allegations against Godda MP are getting serious

On Tuesday, the TMC MP tweeted about the BJP MP’s age during his matriculation. Moitra mentioned that in 2009, Godda MP’s age was 37 years. And in 2014, he was 42. This means the MP was just 10 years old when he had done matriculation. She also shared the two affidavits Godda MP submitted to the Election Commission.

Earlier, on March 17, Moitra had tweeted about Dubey’s MBA degree. He pointed out that while the full-time degree has been obtained for the year 2013-15, BJP MP was also a full-time member.

mahua moitra tweet nishikant dubey bjp tmc mp

And on the same day, TMC MP had also tweeted that Delhi University in 2020 through an RTI claimed that no person with the name of Nishikant Dubey ‘either admitted or passed out’ from any MBA programme in DU.

After her RTI-related tweet, Moitra also tweeted: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. And people who have fake degrees & have lied on affidavits should definitely not throw the rule book (sic).”

Dubey’s use of filthy language against the women MP and MLA

In response to the female MP’s tweet on his degrees, Dubey came up with an Election Commission letter but used obscene language in two of his tweets against TMC MP and Congress MLA Deepika Singh. On March 18, Dubey tweeted and used words like (Vikrit Mansikta Ki Shikar Bengal Se Aayi Ek Mahila Sansad aur Jharkhand Ki Vikrit Vidhayika) and appealed to cadres not to mock them as in Hinduism, Vishali’s Nagar Vadhu (a prostitute) was given respect.

After the tweet, several netizens criticized the BJP MP. AAP leader Alka Lamba also reminded that PM Modi’s wife Jasoda Ben will get such respect.

mahua moitra tweet nishikant dubey bjp tmc mp

Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal also slammed the BJP MP for his ‘nagar vadhu’ tweet and alleged that he referred to Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra and Congress MLA Dipika Pandey Singh.

However, some Twitteratis have also suggested the TMC MP should not get distracted and remained focused on Adani issues.

It began after Nishikant Dubey cited the rule book to disqualify Rahul Gandhi, on Congress MP’s allegations against businessman Gautam Adani and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Godda MP has history of using foul language against his opponents

Earlier also, questions have been raised on the degrees of Godda MP and then again he had used foul language for the officers and leaders of Jharkhand.


mahua moitra tweet nishikant dubey bjp tmc mp

He had even tweeted that the Hemant Soren government will not be able to see the light of September 2022.

And when the Hemant Soren government did not fall, Moitra mocked the BJP MP for his prediction.

Nishikant Dubey has been into the limelight recently for all the wrong reasons and even slapped with FIRs for allegedly disturbing government officials in their performing their duties in Deoghar airport.

Interestingly, even after a day, Dubey, who is very vocal on every issue and active on Twitter, did not respond to TMC MP’s age-related tweet.

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