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Hemant Soren government wins battle of perception, CM delivers most aggressive speech

Party leaders say the trust vote has a message for both- the BJP and Raj Bhavan

Ranchi: In the battle of perception, Hemant Soren-led United Progressive Alliance defeated the opposition or more precisely Bharatiya Janata Party in Jharkhand on Monday.

A trust vote, which was called by the ruling party itself given the confusion engulfing the state for a fortnight now over the issue of chief minister Hemant Soren’s disqualification. UPA got 48 votes, including endorsement from CPI-ML and an independent MLA as well. The majority mark is 41 in the Jharkhand assembly. BJP and Ajsu walked out of the assembly during the voting.

Last month, the state election commission, which was hearing the case of Hemant Soren’s office of profit, sent its report to Governor Ramesh Bais. However, the governor is yet to make the report public, while media reports suggest that Soren has been disqualified.

But today, Hemant Soren gave a fiery speech inside the assembly. There seemed no fear in him concerning the uncertain future of his government,

The chief minister not only attacked the BJP and the Governor for creating confusion and political crisis in the state, but also mentioned his government’s future course of action.

“Since August 25, an environment of uncertainity has been created by the Election commission, Governor. When the UPA went to meet the Gov, he accepted that he had received the letter. And now he has moved from the backdoor to Delhi. A sense of insecurity, confusion has been created,” Soren said.

The tribal chief minister made his intent clear and stated, “Isliye Hum Ye Batana Chahte Hain Ki Hum Sadan Ke Andar Mazboot Hain Aur Bahar Bhi. Ye Shibu Soren Ka Beta Hai, Andolankari Ka Beta Hai, Aapse Kabhi Darega Nahi (That is why we want to show that we are strong in or outside the assembly. I am a son of Shibu Soren, son of a revolutionary, who will not fear from you).”

He lashed out at the BJP for doing politics of hate and division, “Aaj Kahin Bhi Hindu-Muslim Ki Ladayi Hoti Hai, Jahan Hoti Hai, Ye Pahunch Jaate Hain. Is Sarkar Mein Chahe Koi Bhi Ho Usko Marne Ke Liye Nahi Chor Sakte (Today, wherever Hindu-Muslim conflicts take place, they reach there. But in our government, we do not let people die, whoever they are).”

hemant soren govt wins trust vote jharkhand JMM BJP
Hemant Soren with Ramgarh MLA Mamata Devi’s child after trust vote | Courtesy: Twitter/HemantSorenJMM

Soren did not miss the opportunity to point out that the two BJP legislators—Babulal Marandi and Samri Lal are also facing a disqualification issue which will be decided by the speaker.

“They (centre government) are drunk in power, and they think they can do anything. They talk about my membership. But see (BJP’s) Samri Lal Ji, who has got a fake certificate from another state. See Babulal Marandi, even chameleons do not change colour as many times as he does colour (Hinting at the change of party by Marandi).”

Soren also attacked RSS, “Inki Sakhao Mei Adivasi, Dalit, Alpsankhyak Ko Kaise Bewakoof Banaya Jaaye Inki Training Hoti Hai. Their (BJP) real face is very dangerous. It is not easy to understand. But the ruling alliance understands. We will crush the ideology of the BJP.”

“In the country, 90 percent of the drug supply comes through Adani’s port, but there is no one to question about it. And here the ED is unleashed.”

And then Soren said, “I want to tell everyone that the government will soon announce its decision on the 1932 year cut-off year domicile policy.”

Earlier, JMM MLA Sudivya Sonu in his speech pointed to the party’s plan of action in near future, “When we will make domicile policy, with the cut-off year 1932, they (BJP) won’t be able to do anything. If they will play with fire, they will become ashes, their politics will end.”

After winning the trust vote, Sonu told eNewsroom, “For the last 15 days, an environment was created to show that the government has no support from its alliance as well as legislators. Every day one or other rumour was being spread. But with this win, we not just giving a message to BJP but also to the Governor also that Hemant Soren government has got a comfortable majority.”

However, BJP’s Neelkanth Munda in his speech said that Jharkhand’s people believe that the government is in fear. “None from the Opposition, judiciary or the governor have asked for a trust vote. By bringing a no-confidence motion, the government shows that they have no faith in their own MLAs,” he said.

Congress’ Pradeep Yadav mentioned, “Four byelections happened in Jharkhand, but the people threw BJP away. So they want to buy the MLAs and create confusion. This is BJP’s old tactic. In 2014, BJP bought then Jharkhand Vikash Morcha’s six MLAs Babulal Marandi (now with BJP) party’s six MLAs.”

Vinod Singh of CPI-ML said that Jharkhand has a chequered history, horse trading always happened. And the centre with its full might, trying to destabilise the government.

hemant soren govt wins trust vote jharkhand JMM BJP

The trust vote of Soren government was being watched from several quarters. Trinamool Congress’s MP Mahua Moitra took a jibe at BJP MP Nishikant Dubey after the voting concluded. Dubey had claimed that the Soren government will not see the light of September.

“Some advice for BJP- stop relying on a certain Jharkhand MP to deliver- he doesn’t even succeed in making me sit down in the Lok Sabha let alone bring down an elected government (sic).”

Dubey was also the center of criticism by Jharkhand UPA leaders as he not only predicted the fall of the Soren government by August but also forecasted that is in the EC’s report that has been submitted to the governor.

The Godda MP was also in news recently for the wrong reasons, as he has been slapped with FIR by the Deoghar administration for entering ATC (Air Traffic Control) tower at Deoghar airport forcefully.

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