Milind Soman- Journey of a super model to an author

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Kolkata: Top model. Actor. Fitness champion. From becoming the Iron Man to helming Pinkathon, Milind Soman has traversed diverse paths with equal ease. For Milind, the journey from ‘Mouthful of Sky’ to Four More Shots Please! has truly been a journey that’s ‘Made in India’ and how!

The Super Model arrived a little after 11 am on Wednesday and soon charmed his way into everyone’s heart. His fans aged from 19 years and above were avidly waiting for him to arrive.

Once inside the store, he got busy – signing copies and interacting with his fans.

While his chiselled good looks and amazing physique became the talking point as usual, his friendly  and down-to-earth disposition awed everyone.

Watch the video interview of Milind Soman:



As one can guess, everyone wanted a selfie with their role model. And this is where Milind introduced ‘kahani mein twist’. He announced, “If you want a selfie with me, you will have to do push-ups. 20 for men and 10 for women.” And well, he was serious. No push-up, no selfie – the rule was set. And guess what? Such is Milind’s aura, his fans did as asked. Attire, age, even place was no bar. His fans could not let go of this opportunity of a photograph with him, for sure.

When a young fan stated, ‘Under what circumstances i can be excused?’ Milind immediately quipped, “You will have to get pregnant.” His reply elicited laughter and soon we witnessed the young lady doing push-ups.

A student Pranay Das, became the first fan who accepted the 20 push-ups challenge by the model.

The push-up challenge was Milind’s way of inspiring people to become fit and follow a fitness regime. He said the floor is your gym and one can start at any age. One must try and never give up without trying. Trying can never be embarrassing, in fact, it is embarrassing if you don’t try.


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