The martyrdom of a human rights activist

Watch eNewsroom's video story on the protests across India after the death of Father Stan Swamy

After Martyrdom of Stan Swamy, the Jesuit community termed him Martyr while activists called it is institutional murder. Now protests are taking place across India demanding to scrap UAPA law.

The 84-year-old human rights activist Stan Swamy was accused of Bhima Koregaon’s violence and was also charged with conspiring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s killing but people who worked with him closely claim that his all life was spent raising issues of tribals and the downtrodden.

Father Stan has been in Maharashtra’s Tajola jail since October 8, 2020. The octogenarian’s health deteriorated thereafter in jail. On May 28, he was shifted to hospital, but now his condition has worsened so much that he has been put on a ventilator.

Jharkhand Janadhikar Mahasabha, an umbrella body of civil society which has been raising the issue from time to time has demanded immediate bail and good medical treatment to the ailing activist.

Ranchi-based senior journalist Vinod Kumar claimed, whatever work Stan had done, it was done democratically.

Aloka Kujur, a social activist believes that the allegation of conversion on people like Stan Swamy is laughable, as he has never indulged in any other activities than safeguarding human and tribal rights in Jharkhand.

Watch our report on the protests taking place in many Indian cities.

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