Everyday Attack on Muslims, When Will The Majority Stand UP Against It?

Kolkata: From the lynching of Akhlaq Ahmed, Pehlu Khan, Alimuddin Ansari, Tabrez Ansari to the slapping of UAPA on scholars and the brightest students hailing from the community including the likes of Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid, Khalid Saifi to the economic boycott of Muslim businessmen, all were done till 2020. But still the attacks on Muslims did not stop here.

In 2021, a new trend of attacking the community began – auctioning of Muslim women with strong voices on social media. Hate speeches were delivered in Haridwar, during which religious leaders called for the genocide of Muslims in India.

In the beginning of 2022, attacks on Muslims began once again. Many believe that it is a repercussion of the Haridwar hate speech. Last year Muslim women were auctioned in Sulli Deals, this year it was named Bulli Bai or Deals۔

The worst has begun and almost every day the largest minority in India is being attacked on roads, trains and social media. Be it children, girls, senior citizens, or professional women who active on social media, no one is being spared.

After criticism from some sane minds in the country and international reports, actions were taken and arrests were made. But, it seems the ones who attack Muslims have got impunity for hate crimes as they continue their attack in one or other forms or platforms.

On the 74th Republic Day, we ask, are Muslims equal citizens of the country according to the Indian Constitution? And when the majority community will stand with their minority counterparts to oppose such attacks? Watch our video story.

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