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Capital abuzz! Padma Bhushan Pandit Bhatt to lead symphony for Tagore in “Kasturi”

Tabla meets Spanish guitar? "Kasturi" to reimagine Tagore's legacy

Delhi: The capital buzzed with anticipation for a unique cultural evening. On March 12th, the prestigious Kamani Auditorium would host a night dedicated to the legacy of Rabindra Nath Tagore and the mesmerizing beauty of Indian classical music.

The star attraction will be none other than Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, a Padma Bhushan recipient and Grammy Award winner. His mastery over the Mohan Veena promised an unforgettable performance. Curated by cultural activist Sandeep Bhutoria, the event titled “Kasturi” is a tribute to Tagore’s timeless works. The show will be presented by Prabha Khaitan Foundation.

The evening promised a confluence of talents. Accompanying Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt would be the renowned Kathak dancer Shinjini Kulkarni, her expressive movements weaving magic alongside the maestro’s music. Ankita Joshi, a gifted vocalist, would lend her voice to Tagore’s soulful poetry, transporting the audience to the heart of the bard’s creations.

The rhythm section boasted equally impressive names. Pandit Ram Kumar Mishra, a stalwart on the tabla, would provide the pulsating foundation. Praveen Kumar’s expertise on the keyboard would add depth and texture, while Ratan Prasanna’s Spanish guitar promised an intriguing fusion with the traditional Indian sounds.

This carefully curated ensemble ensures a truly special evening. Following the Sahitya Academy award function, the auditorium will be filled with patrons eager to experience a cultural extravaganza. Bhutoria’s three decades of dedication to promoting Indian art and culture was evident in this meticulously planned event.

“Kasturi” promised to be more than just a performance; it is a celebration of heritage and artistry.

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