If Congress has looted the country, then why impose 18 per cent GST on people? Asks Kanhaiya

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Kolkata: As it has happened at most places, Kanhaiya Kumar, former president of Jawahar Lal Nehru University’s student union, Kolkata turned out to be no exception for him on Tuesday. The fire-brand student leader, faced opposition from members of Hindu Sanhati and not from Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members. However, with Jadavpur University students, coming into action, their attempt to paint Kanhaiya’s face black, failed.

Amidst thundering applause, Kanhaiya began his 36-minute-long speech by saying, “They tried to blacken my face, as they feel that I am anti-national. If I had been so, then they would have put me in jail forever and not let me move freely across the country?”

He added, “PM is yours, President, vice-President and home minister, they are yours. But, still they couldn’t file a charge sheet against me.”He further said, “They want to throw ink on me, because they know I am against RSS (Rastriya Sawaisewak Sangh). I am not against country.” He maintained that Hindu Sanhati, tried to blacken his face as it would save Hinduism. “If that will save Hinduism then go ahead. But, that won’t stop us from questioning, even if we are told that we are doing so, because we are from JNU.”

The former JNUSU president, who is travelling across country under a programme called Long March organized by All India Student Federation (AISF) and All India Youth Federation had back to back events in Kolkata. And living upto his reputation, Kanhaiya gave fiery speeches which addressed all burning issues of India, right from GST to  Gorakhpur Hospital deaths to lynching in the name of cow worship, tanks in JNU, reducing education budget, Baba Ramdev’s swadeshi call and government’s interest in FDI.

The student leader, accused of sedition by Delhi police (but could not file a chargesheet against him even after one and half year) further elaborated on nationalism. “Nationalism is neither illness nor can it be injected or is it a treatment. It’s a feeling,” Kanhaiya said and then added, “And I am striving for the country. Remember, our future is the Constitution, as it’s about equality, justice and secularism. We will fight till our constitution gets implemented in totality,” said Kanhaiya.

He also spoke on the duplicity of the Narendra Modi government and its minister and their speeches. “Modi says, Congress has looted India in 60 years, then why 18 per cent GST is being used to loot the people,” he alleged.

Also, “When there is one nation one tax policy, then it should be one nation, one education policy, one nation one health policy, and one nation one transportation policy too,” Kanhaiya concluded.

He also praised Bengali nationalism and that RSS and BJP wants to make Bengal a nursery of communalism. And that they want to put patriarchy on Bengal, because then only then can bring BJP here.

Watch the video and listen all these and more.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAsfNHw8Fv0[/embedyt]


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