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For a First: Jaipur witnesses large number of Women Santa on streets

Jaipur: For the first time in India, a large number of women ran on the streets of Jaipur, as Santa Claus and spread the message of ‘Healthy Women Healthy Family’. The 5 kilometers long run was organized by AU Bank, Biyani Group of Colleges and Aladdin on Saturday. The participants were not only young girls from school and colleges but also a good number of mid-age women. Before the run, participants also did Jumba.

Women Santa

Pandit Suresh Mishra of AU Bank Jaipur Marathon, said, “Seeing this huge number of girls participating is really a good feeling.” At a time when the age old Christmas celebration is under attack and in Rajasthan also, recently Christians were attacked for singing carols, women ran as Santas are heartening to watch, felt most onlookers.

The concept of women santa (in large numbers) was seen for the first time anywhere in India. And it was not only liked by the passerby, but by the children as well.

So this year, it was not a male-old Santa Clause distributing gifts to kids or fulfilling their wishes, but the fair sex were also seen celebrating being Santa Clause.

Merry Christmas and Happy Xmas to all the readers of eNewsroom.

Pictures Credit: Chandra Mohan Aloria

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