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The Christmas celebration pictures you should not miss

Jaipur: December 25 was the most exciting day for the children of Jaipur, as during Christmas celebration, a procession moved around Gaurav Tower in which performers had not only become Santa Cluas, but Spiderman and Black Spiderman, British Drummer and many more. Hundreds of children had gathered on both sides of roads with their parents to enjoy it.

Bollywood actor Dia Mirza had also visited the Pink City and sang Christmas carol.

Earlier in the day, hundreds of women had ran as Santa in the event called Women Santa Run, in the city.

Jaipur is fast growing as a center of multicultural metro city and it is hosting several activities of different cultures and faiths. And this year’s Christmas celebration was very attractive and enjoyed a lot by the kids. World Trade Park has specially created a page where in its gallery, Xmas activity pictures have been uploaded for its visitors.

Recently, the Indian government announced December 25 as Good Governance Day and because of it, most of the offices remain open on the day. Since then fewer Christmas-related activities have been conducted in public places, and the Jaipur celebration has surprised everyone, especially children. 

Pictures by Chandra Mohan Aloria.

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