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Marriage to funeral, all in a two-hour break of Jaipur’s curfew

Jaipur: What does a curfew do to a normal life? It paralyses every activity. And who can feel it better than the residents of Ramganj, Jaipur, where there is curfew since Friday night.

After three days of curfew, there was a two hour break. During this break, which was from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm not only people came out of their homes to buy essentials goods and food items, but also a bride and grooms took the opportunity to get married. Funerals were also taken to bury the dead. Some residents who were outside city and could not return during the curfew hours were also seen returning to their abode.

There was also a moment when huge gathering of locals had to be dispersed due to fear of some police action. On Friday night, because of police throwing a stick on a couple, which fractured the woman pillion rider’s hand but police refused to registering, locals attack on police and burnt some vehicles, causing injuries to some policemen. Later in police firing, one person died and police imposed curfew in four police station area in and around Ramganj.

The Walled City area or Pink City, because of its heritage background, in a normal day remain abuzz with activities, as its a must visit for local and foreign tourists.

Our photojournalist Chandra Mohan Aloria stayed there during the curfew break and captured most of the activities.

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