I am Muslim, I am India protest against hate crimes

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Jaipur:  Since 2015, there has been a drastic rise in hate crimes in India and intensity of every incident after another has been more than previous ones. More than three dozen people have been killed within three years in the name of cow worship, beef eating and now in the name of love-jihad, a term coined by Hindutva forces for inter-religious marriages. On December 6, when Muslims mourned the destruction of Babri Mosque, Malda’s Afrazul (Ifrazul) Khan was murdered in the most gruesome manner by one Shambhu Lal Regar in Rajsamand, Rajasthan. In the last two years, Rajasthan has witnessed several murders of Muslims. But this time, the cruelty broke all parameters. Since then civil societies have been protesting across India. On December 13, when Indian Parliament was attacked by militants, people gathered at Gandhi Circle in Jaipur to say — I am Muslim, I am India to stand against religious militants of India. In Delhi too, a protest under Not In My Name took place and people from all walks of life participated in it.





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