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Why should boys have all the fun! Girl’s mantra in RU election

Jaipur: The Rajasthan University Student Union Polls or RU Election had a completely different approach in 2017. The recently concluded election campaign, will be remembered for the bold and bindass acts of girls. They were so much in command of their votes that male candidates had to go down on knees to seek their votes. The young ladies, needless to say, enjoyed every bit of the campaign as they danced, sang and even perched on to the car roofs, hopped onto the autos and even Tuk-Tuk to campaign for their candidates. However, one thing which did not change was the littering. Post campaign, it seemed like the entire city and specially around colleges was covered with pamphlets. Have a glimpse of what the University witnessed today. The riot of colours and charisma captured by our photojournalist Chandra Mohan Aloria will leave you amazed.

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