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Warm response to ‘Know Your Army’ show

Jaipur: To mark India’s 70th Independence Day, the Sapta Shakti Command of Indian Army organise a two-day event– Know Your Army from August 13 to 14 in Jaipur. Several army weapons including tanks, rocket launchers were exhibited, while army men flaunted their skills during the exhibition. The locals responded well to the show. The event had a healthy footfall comprising,  senior citizens, teenagers and kids, who came along with their guardians to meet the soldiers and see their latest equipments. Senior army officials claimed that the event was just to showcase their equipments but also to interact with the civilians. See here the pictures clicked by our photojournalist Chandra Mohan Aloria.

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  1. To celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day, the Sapta Shakti Command of the Indian Army organized a two-day event called “Know Your Army” in Jaipur from August 13 to 14. The exhibition featured various army weapons, including tanks and rocket launchers, along with impressive displays of army skills. The event garnered a positive response from locals, including senior citizens, teenagers, and kids, who came with their guardians to interact with soldiers and witness the latest equipment. The event aimed not only to showcase their equipment but also to foster interaction with civilians, strengthening the bond between the army and the community. 🇮🇳🎉👨‍✈️ #IndianArmy #IndependenceDay #CommunityInteraction 🇮🇳🚀

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