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Rajasthan Sculptors Protest: When ‘Gods’ say, “No to GST”

Jaipur: Ever since, GST (Goods and Services Tax)’s implementation has been announced, protests have broke out, in many parts of India. Right from textile traders to theater owners have been protesting in cities like Surat, Jaipur, Kolkata and in some parts entire state like in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan for demanding complete or partial rollback of the taxes slapped on them. But a unique protest has been taking place in Jaipur city by the sculptors.
On July 5, hundreds of sculptors under the banner of Moortikala Sangharh Samiti hit on to the streets of Jaipur, protesting against idols made by them being brought under GST.
Protestors dressed as god, goddesses and priest were seen carrying interesting slogans, like Kasam Ram Ki Khatey Hain, Milkar GST Hatayenge (we swear in the name of Ram, that together, we will force GST to rollback), and that levying on the sculptures of gods is an attack on Hinduism. The protesters were also confused on the slab rate. Earlier, it informed to them that they come under the slab of 28 per cent tax. Later, they were told that it would be 12 per cent. “Irrespective of the tax slab, we want complete roll back,” said Satya Prakash Natha, spokesperson of the Smiti. The rally marched to the Jaipur collectorate, where they submitted a memorandum demanding a rollback.
It was the second rally by sculptors, as they had also conducted a chetawani (warning) rally on July 3.

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