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Is Article 21, The Right to Life, in danger in Raje’s Rajasthan?

Alwar/Jaipur: When Umar Mohammed was lynched and shot to death, Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Vasundhara Raje was in Alwar itself, camping in the district for the by-poll. She was there from November 9 to 13. Because of the rise of lynching cases, and later police role to underplay it, the Article 21 of Indian Constitution—Right to Life of Muslims is in danger.

The murder of 42-year-old dairy farmer and attack on two others by cow vigilantes has shocked entire nation. The attack has striking resemblance to the lynching of Pehlu Khan, another dairy farmer, who was lynched in same district about seven months back. However, unlike Pehlu’s case, Umar’s body had been thrown on a railway track, in an attempt to destroy evidence.

The gruesome murder also hints the alleged involvement of Ramgarh Police. Resembles the state of law and order of the district, where the chief minister was there only, around that time.

Right to Life

From November 9 to 13, Vasundhara tweeted at least a dozen times about her activities in Alwar. But even in her presence. Not just Umar was lynched but the police also refused to register an FIR on the basis of the deceased’s family request. On the contrary, the police had registered case against the victim on November 10.

The action angered the family members, who refused to let Umar’s autopsy be done at Jaipur’s SMS hospital till Monday, and several human rights activists took on to the street, to raise their voice against the killing.

At least 15 organizations protested in Jaipur. During the protest march, elderly relatives of Umar, Razzak and Iliyas were also present.

Umar Mohammed of Pahadi Kaman Bharatpur was killed by gau rakshaks on November 10, while he was transporting cattles from Ramgarh to his village, his pickup vehicle was stopped by means of a patta, following which his truck’s tyre was punctured. He was then attacked. Umar was killed by a gun shot. Allegations are being made about it being made that bullets were of police.

Vasundhara Umar Rajasthan
Protest over lynching of Umar Mohammed in Jaipur

Later it was also tried to destroy the evidence by throwing his body on a railway track. The present state of his body shows the brutality that his killers indulged in.

But despite the body being run over by trains many a time, couldn’t hide the wound caused by the bullet. Tahir, another man, who was attacked at the same time, is an eyewitness to the murder and is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Haryana.

The larger question of the safety of dairy farmers, the gau palak of Mewat and the Muslims in the state was the larger demand of the protest.

The activist questioned Vasundhara, “Madam, are there any plans to call a halt to this bloody madness as now the gau rakshaks have tasted blood and have the support of the police and administration (all pehlu khan killers were thrown out of the purview of investigation and presently, Zafar Khan’s killers are roaming free). If you will not stop this now, these murders are going to be on the rise. It will be a major violation of Article 21 (Right to Life) of the Constitution by your Government of Article 21. You are supposed to protect the lives and not provide impunity to the killers.”

However, one can guess where Umar case will head, as home minister Gulabchand Kataria made statement that there is lack of man power and police can’t be deputed at every place. Alwar police has arrested one person in this connection and now claiming to reach other accused soon.

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