211 days of Faizan’s death but not a single call by IIT authorities: mother

Rehana Ahmed wants SIT to probe her son’s case, says she has no faith in police

Kolkata: Rehana Ahmed, the mother IITian Faizan Ahmed, who is fighting for justice for her only child, has several questions in her mind concerning the murder of her son. Needless to say, the grieving mother is seeking the answers to them

23-year-old Faizan Ahmed, a resident of Tinsukia, Assam was a third-year Mechanical Engineering student at IIT Kharagpur. Faizan got the 11th All India Rank (AIR) in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) in 2020. Faizan, who was getting a scholarship from the Assam government had also become a member of the Aerial Robotics Research and RoboSoccer teams of IIT-K. 

Due to the lockdown, Faizan’s classroom teaching began in December 2021. Only nine months had elapsed, when on October 14, 2022, his partially decomposed body was found at his hostel.

Later, IIT authorities claimed that Faizan had committed suicide. The first postmortem report could not establish the cause of his death. The family of Faizan moved to Calcutta High Court claiming their son was murdered. The court asked retired forensic expert Dr Ajay Kumar Gupta to re-examine the postmortem. Dr Gupta after going the video clippings of the 1st autopsy requested Calcutta High Court to conduct the second postmortem. In which, it came to the fore that, that the death of Faizan was a case of homicide and not suicide.  

Rehana Ahmed, who is staying in Kolkata since her son’s mortal remains reached the city for second autopsy talked to eNewsroom. She not only narrated how brilliant Faizan was throughout his academic career, his jovial nature, and how no concern was expressed by the IIT authorities after the death of her beloved son. The mother now wants nothing less than an SIT investigation. She also added that the trial of the case should take place in Kolkata only and not in Kharagpur.

Watch her exclusive interview to understand her grief, hope and demand.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

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