Now it is not ‘No Vote To Babul Supriyo’ But Defeat Babul Supriyo: Civil Rights Activists

The 26 activists during a press meet declared that they will back CPM's Saira Shah Halim, as she is the strongest candidate against TMC and had opposed CAA-NRC

Kolkata: A day after the arrest, 26 civil rights activists who had given the call for, No Vote To Babul Supriyo, announced that they will now ensure the defeat of former BJP minister and Trinamool Congress candidate from Ballygunge.

“We had the permission for the rally, and we were going to organize a peaceful protest, but police stopped us unlawfully, ” said Prasenjit Bose, economist and activist. He later mentioned their change in stand.

“We will hold the rally and it will take place on April 7, along with Saira Shah Halim (CPM candidate),” informed Bose.

“Though we are a non-political group, we have led a long battle against CAA-NRC. We had also given a call to No Vote To BJP because of which TMC emerged as the direct beneficiary. This movement directed 90 per cent of the minority vote to TMC. But it does not care about us, and fielded a candidate who is an accused in the Asansol riots,” said Manzar Jameel, an activist.

“After yesterday’s incident, we have decided to support Saira Shah Halim, who is the strongest candidate against Babul Supriyo and fought with us during the anti-CAA-NRC protests. Now the campaign will be to defeat Babul Supriyo,” added Jameel.

Another activist Imtiaz Mollah, who resides near Park Circus, 7-point crossing, claimed, “We had given the vote to TMC in opposition to BJP and now it is putting BJP turncoats on us. And when we want to say No to it, we are not being allowed to say in our areas.”

“Bengal and Kolkata is a place where peace-loving people reside, but Babul is a badtameez (ill-mannered) person, ” he mentioned.

Mollah attacked sharply and alleged: “The people who we have defeated during assembly polls, now Mamata Banerjee bringing them into the party and wants them to win. We have to reply to her that we can’t not let such anti-social people win. It is a fight between good and evil and we know Saira is a good human while Babul is a criminal, now people have to decide whom to support.”

“Bengal does not like people like Babul Supriyo as it is a place for peace and harmony. We want a candidate who is of this nature,” said Faisal Khan.

On the query of eNewsroom that yesterday while arresting activists, police were taking instruction from TMC cadres.

Bose answered, “For the last many years, the law and order have been paralysed in the state. The police administration has been fully politicized. What happened at Bogtui is an open and shut case. Killing is going on and the police administration is letting it happen.”

“Police should follow the constitution and follow the law of the land. But here a lawless administration is functioning. The ruling party and police both are increasing the lawlessness,” he said.

When asked while you are giving a call for No Vote To Babul Supriyo, they are saying Vote For Babul Supriyo, how do you see it?

“It is fine. And this is what we are saying, if somebody has the right to say Vote For Babul Supriyo then we also have the right to say, No Vote To Babul Supriyo,” added Bose.

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