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A dead body reaches India after 195 days

Giridih: The dead body of Nunuchand Mahto, which was lying  in Saudi Arabia for 194 days, reached Bagoder, Giridih, Jharkhand on the intervening night of February 6-7. eNewsroom, which had done a detailed report after meeting...

192 days, a dead body’s endless wait to return India

Giridih: Chinta Devi, spends hours wondering if she will get to see the dead body of her husband, Nunuchand Mahto sometime soon. Part in denial, part in remorse, Chinta, is torn apart in a mental...

Ambulance Dada: India’s new Padam Shri

Kolkata: He is simple, and speaks broken Hindi. He earns only Rs 4000 a month and sets aside one-fourth of his earning for public service. He bikes down beaten tracks of Jalpaiguri to reach hospitals...