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Arvind Kejriwal: Delhi Police is like my family

Delhi: The sour relationship between Delhi Police and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) led Delhi Government is known to everyone, but today while giving compensation to the two families of Delhi Police constables, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that he considers Delhi Police like his family.

Kejriwal presented a cheque of Rs. 1 crore each to the family members of the police officers as part of Delhi government’s compensation policy.

Delhi government’s compensation policy covers armed forces,  police and paramilitary officials who die in the line of duty in the national capital.

Addressing the gathering Kejriwal said, “Today we enjoy a sense of security for ourselves, our children and our family because of courageous policemen like Birendra Singh and Deepak Kumar.”

“In our nation, when sports stars return, governments rush to shower them with gifts and money but what about the soldiers who lose their lives in line of duty? How can we forget about their sacrifice?” he asked.

He also pointed out on the occasion, “Recently I was attacked twice, once at the Signature Bridge inauguration when people threw bottles at me while I was speaking on the stage, the other when I was attacked in the secretariat and a miscreant tried to throw chilli powder in my eyes. This angered our MLAs who demanded that Delhi Police should be removed from the scheme as they had failed to protect me from such miscreants. I do not agree with this. Delhi Police is like my family.”

Delhi chief minister said that AAP government wanted to compensate the two martyrs within a month of their martyrdom but could not as LG obstructed the policy.

“I respect the Delhi police. Perhaps some senior officers work in collusion but the constable and police men who are like Birendra Singh and Deepak Kumar bring honour to the Delhi Police and risk their lives for the safety of the city,” added Kejriwal.

On the occasion, party’s national spokesperson Raghav Chadha demanded from central government to give Rs 5 crore as compensation to martyrs, “Delhi government gives the highest compensation to martyrs of any state or even the central government. If a small state like Delhi can give 1 crore to its martyrs, the central government should also be more generous and offer 5 crore compensation to the martyrs.”

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