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If tomorrow someone attacks PM Modi, will he have to go to the police station to lodge his FIR, asks AAP

Delhi: A day after the attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, no FIR being initiated by the Delhi Police and Home Minister Rajnath Singh asking Delhi’s CM to lodge an FIR, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had some hard hitting questions for the Delhi Police and central government to answer.

Party’s national spokesperson, Raghav Chadda, issued a statement, “After being a witness to the shocking attack on CM Kejriwal within the secretariat premise, I must say that I am more appalled by the blatantly careless attitude of the people in positions of responsibility.”

Raghav first questioned the silence of Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. He said, “Despite the Delhi Police being under the control of Lieutenant Governor (LG), he has neither issued any statement nor condemned the attack on Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. It is no secret that the LG has been acting upon the wishes of his political masters. But stooping down to a point where you no longer exercise your responsibility towards the security of citizens is beyond being shameful.”

AAP’s national spokesperson also expressed surprise on the advice of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to Arvind Kejriwal, after the attack, “The Delhi Police comes under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Ministry of Home Affairs and not surprisingly, the Home Minister Rajnath Singh refrained from condemning the act. Instead, as if to rub salt to the injury, he called up CM Kejriwal and asked him to lodge an FIR regarding the incident. Is this to say that the Delhi Police is not capable of or will not take suo moto cognizance of the attack on the elected head of Delhi’s government.”

In the statement he even questioned , “If tomorrow, someone was to attack or assault PM Modi, would PM Modi have to go to a police station to lodge his FIR?  What kind of behavior is this? This is the fourth attack on CM Kejriwal and the Delhi Police has failed to, rather refused to file a charge sheet in any matter yet. Is this a concentrated effort by Delhi Police in collusion with BJP?”

He then pointed out, “What’s even worse is that a video has surfaced of the alleged ‘interrogation of the miscreant’ being done by the Delhi Police. It is alarming to say the least that the otherwise unpopular and curt Delhi Police is seen extending warm hospitality and camaraderie towards the miscreant as though he is a relative. Is this how the police is supposed to behave with someone who has attacked an elected representative, let alone the Chief Minister? Where is the sense of moral and professional responsibility? This sends a clear signal to all goons that are supported by the BJP or have affiliations with the ruling party that they will enjoy impunity in the hands of Delhi Police.”

He then revealed, “The Facebook account of the attacker has also been discovered wherein one can clearly see that he has been poisoned by BJP’s propaganda. He calls himself a nationalist while attacking the person who has won by an unprecedented mandate of the people. Such anomalies can only be expected out of the BJP.”

“We have seen that he calls himself a BJP pracharak, a nationalist and a patriot and this kind of frenzied behaviour is being allowed by the Delhi Police because they are working in collusion with the BJP. Every BJP goon is being treated like a damaad by the Delhi Police,” Raghav added.

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