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Two men accompanying Tabrez Ansari when he was lynched are still missing

Ranchi: In the latest lynching of 25-year-old Tabrez Ansari, Kharsawan Police has been termed as an equal culprit in the lynching case. His relatives have alleged that Tabrez was alive and was walking on his feet when he was taken in police custody in Dhadkidih.

On June 17 night, Tabrez and two of his friends were returning from his uncle’s place, when Tabrez got surrounded by a furious mob which beat him so badly that he later succumbed to his injuries. The two friends– Md Irfan And Numer Ali, who were accompanying Tabrez are missing since then.

According to Tabrez’s family, he was working as a welder in Pune and had come home to celebrate Eid. He had got married only two months back on April 26.

Before leaving for home, he had called his wife and informed that he would be reaching home late. He had also mentioned the route (Dhadkidih) that he would be taken to travel back home. It was here that he was brutally assaulted by the mob.

The video of Tabrez being brutally assaulted has gone viral, clearly shows the mob asking his name, and on him revealing his name Tabrez, he is shown being assaulted and forced to chant Jai Sri Ram and Jai Hanuman. The inhuman lynching for 14 hours eventually led to his death in police custody.

“On June 18, Tabrez had called his wife to let her know that he had been caught by a mob in Dhadkidih the previous night and been badly beaten. He had then mentioned that he was being taken to the police station. Following which we met him at 7.30 am in the morning at Saraikela police station, where we saw that he was not being able to talk to us properly, he was in severe pain, so we requested police to first get him treated and then sent him jail if he has been accused of theft,” Maqsood Ansari told eNewsroom over phone from Kharsawan.

“But, instead of paying heed to our request Sini Out Post (OP)’s Police Officer Bipin Bihari told us to leave the police station. He even threatened us of breaking our legs if we remained there,” he added.

At that time, police had also brought Pappu Mandal, one of the prime accused in the case. When he saw Tabrez in the police station, he abused him and expressed surprise on Tabrez being alive despite the brutal beating that he had been subjected to.

“On June 22, at 11.30 we got information from jail that Tabrez was ill and that he had been sent to the hospital for treatment. It was in the hospital that he died. But when we reached the Saraikela Hospital, his pulse was there. The doctor who had declared him dead had left the place, and the second attending doctor was not taking any interest, so we demanded ECG report. The ECG also showed that Tabrez had life. We then wanted him to be transferred to Tata Medical Hospital (TMH). But, despite better ambulances being available we were given one ambulance without a siren. It took us two hours to reach TMH, which is just 40 kilometres away. On reaching TMH he was declared brought dead,” he narrated.

Aurangzeb Ansari, a social activist while speaking to eNewsroom, said, “We have given a written complaint against the police officer and he has been suspended but we have also demanded the SP to take Pappu Mandal into custody and run the video before him to identify the other culprit in the case.”

Significantly, two more people– Md Irfan And Numer Ali, who were with Tabrez are still missing and are yet to reach their home. They have not even contacted their respective families.

“One of the families have lodged missing FIR in a police station, while other may lodge today,” informed Maqsood.

Sahista Perween, wife of Tabrez, is not well after hearing the news of her husband’s death from lynching, she is on drips since then.

Family members and social activists have strong objection on the allegation of Tabrez being a thief.  “He has been accused of stealing a bike, in 2017, at least 7 people have been lynched in the neighbouring areas of Jamshedpur on the pretext of them being bachcha chor (thieve of children), but these accusations are yet to be proved. This is a trend in Jharkhand that in every such incident police simply believes the allegations of culprits of the victim being thieves, or criminal and without verification follow the allegations made by culprits,” added Aurangzeb.

Along with Pappu Mandal, four other accused have been arrested by the police, said SP Chandan Kumar Sinha. Two policemen, Bipin Bihari and one another also been suspended for dereliction of duty.

However, SP told eNewsroom that he has no idea regarding the missing men as no FIR has been lodged anywhere.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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