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On camera murderer Shambhulal makes a hate video inside the jail

Jodhpur/Jaipur: Shambhulal Regar, the man who became the pinup boy the Hindutva brigade, after the brutal murder of Afrazul Khan, a daily labour from Malda, Bengal in Rajsamand is back with another video of his on the social media.

After the infamous December 6 video, where he claimed of having saved Hindu girls from the clutches of ‘Love-Jihad’, a bogus propaganda by the saffron brigade for inter-caste marriage, Regar has released his next video, shot within the jail premise. The video, is circulating on social media.

It shows Shambhulal, who is currently lodged at Jodhpur jail, stating that he, has been kept in a high security video and has no remorse for having killed an innocent person.

However, the surfacing of this video of his does raise many a question, like how did he get accesses to a smart phone and internet? And who shot the video for him?

Significantly, rape accused godman Asaram Bapu is also put up inside the same ‘high security jail’.

State Home Minister Gulabchand Kataria set up an inquiry to investigate how Shambhulal get access to phone?

Sources said that that jail officials after getting a whiff of the recent video had searched his cell for the mobile phone, however, they failed to find one. Thereby, indicating that phone of some jail official had been used to record the video.

Meanwhile, Gulbahar Bibi, wife of Afrazul, has appealed to the Supreme Court stating that the Rajasthan police had not investigated Afrazul murder case as a hate crime; hence that angle should be looked into. Gulbahar’s counsel, Indira Jaisingh also told the court that the murder video circulating on social media should be banned. The third appeal was to shift the case to Bengal as the victim family would not be able to travel that far. He also added that the atmosphere of mass hysteria in Rajasthan will not let the free and fair trial happen. The Apex Court, has accepted the first two requests and directed Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to take instruction from central and Rajasthan government.

And for the third request, pertaining to the transfer of the case, it said that the possibility could be discussed at a later stage.

But, now it seems, the apprehension of victims side has got strengthened. In a state where people to show support to Shambhulal, can hoist a religious flag at the Jodhpur court, and a hate video being shot within the jail premise, are a proof for her fear becoming a reality.

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