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Go Green with seed-Tiranga this Independence Day

Mumbai/Kolkata: With Independence Day just round the corner, are you bothered about the National flags made out of plastic being strewn around your city? While this question was looming in our head about the plastic-made National Flags that remain strewn around every locality once the flag hoisting ceremony is over, it took Mumbai-based homemaker Shruti Dadhich to figure out an eco-friendly way of celebrating Independence Day.

Speaking to eNewsroom, Shruti said, “I am a mother of two lovely kids. Every Independence Day, I would get worried about how to dispose of the plastic flags that my elder daughter gets from her school. I would also get disturbed by the very sight of plastic flags strewn around after the celebration was over. A little bit of research and brainstorming session with myself, I came up with this idea of creating bio-degradable flags, which could grow into plants. And that was how it all began.”

She then quickly added, “Perhaps, the solution came easily to me as I have a Jaipur-based friend who manufactures seed paper.”

Watch the video of seed-Tiranga being made


Explaining the concept of seed papers and its journey so far, Divyanshu Asopa, CEO and founder of 21 Fools, the company said, “Seed paper that we manufacture in our Jaipur-based workshop, uses cotton waste, glue and seeds as raw materials. These seed paper sheets are hand-made.”

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Divyanshu Asopa, CEO and founder of 21 Fools

Then Divyanshu explained how the idea came to them, “We were into the business of manufacturing greeting cards and soon I realized that there was a lot of paper wastage and sadly enough this waste couldn’t be recycled. Jaipur has a history for manufacturing handmade papers. So, we think a little more and the result was Divyanshu, has been supplying cards, calendars and diaries made from these specialized sheets to clients like Google, YouTube, BMW and HUL among others subscribing to his innovate go green concept.”

When asked about the concept of this eco-friendly Tirangas he said, “The idea was of Shruti and we are just helping her as an entrepreneur. Her idea is commendable. As not many of us are aware of the flag code and the right way to dispose of the national flag once the celebration is over.”

Elaborating about her Go Green Tirangas, she said, “I have got a good response and am getting a good number of orders. We have used marigold and basil seeds in our Tirangas. All that the buyers will need to do is, bury these flags in a plot, and water it and watch the seeds grow into beautiful marigold and basil plants.”

So, if you have been perturbed by the plastic flags, then at least for yourself pledge to catch hold of these bio-degradable National flags, which can grow into beautiful marigold or basil plants in flowering pot place in your very own balcony. These flags cost only Rs 10 per piece but are a better alternative to the plastic and metal flags.

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