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President candidates: On their way to become First Citizen of India

Jaipur: India is all set to have its 14th President within few days. Come, July 17 and one of the two Presidential candidates– Ram Nath Kovind and Meira Kumar will be elected by the members of legislative assembly (MLAs) and Members of Parliament (MPs) to the highest constitutional post of India. At the moment, both are touring across India and meeting their prospective voters. Seventy one-year-old Kovind, a resident of Uttar Pradesh is the candidate fielded by the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA), 72-year-old Kumar, who belongs to Bihar has been filed by United Progressive Alliance and other opposition parties. Kovind has been the Governor of Bihar and a two times Rajya Sabha member. While, Kumar has been the Speaker of Lok Sabha and a five times MP from Lok Sabha. The one thing which is common between the two is their caste– being Dalit. And as soon as Kovid’s name was announced as a candidate for presidential election, it was highlighted by the BJP that Kovind is a Dalit. Sometimes later, when UPA and its partners had to pick their candidate, they also kept in mind to choose same background people and they zeroed on Kumar. Our photojournalist Chandra Mohan Aloria captured both the candidates’ during their Jaipur visit to meet BJP, Congress and other party leaders to garner their support. Watch them in their spirits, as they try racing each other out in becoming the first citizen of world’s largest democracy.

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