PM Modi’s Independence Day speech: A roadmap to one party- one leader rule

Adaroniyo Pradhan Mantriji,

PM Modi

Badhai Ho, Sriman!

Your Independence Day speech at Red Fort ramp has endeared you to me more since it provided me a veritable road map to your elevation as Bharat Samrat . It proved your genius again when you dovetailed your ‘courageous’ decisions to revoke articles 370 and 35A of our constitution in order to scrap Jammu and Kashmir’s special status not only to Sardar Patel’s dream of ‘one nation one constitution’ but also to your professed dream of ‘one nation-one election’. It was only your humility that stopped you from hyphenating the last to an untold dream– one party- one leader—to complete the project.

It’s another matter that Shyama Prasad Mookerjee had popularised the demand for EK Desh Ek Nishan EK Bidhan‘ But I appreciate the fact that the Hindu Mahasabha and later Jana Sangh leader is yet to emerge as a national icon in your New India beyond our Parivar.

In contrast, your appropriation of Gandhi- Sardar and Ambedkar sans Nehru would allow us to cover our uncomfortable disjunction between the Parivar and freedom struggle. Among the big three, Sardar is most handy for us since his achievement of national integration, ‘Bharat Ka Ekikaran‘ can be presented as an initial step towards your goals– Ek Bharat- Ek Chunao- Ek Dal- Ek Neta.

You have revealed your Man Ki Baat in so many words. You named introduction of GST to ensure one nation-one tax regime and one-nation -one-power-grid as steps towards enforcing your idea of India discarding the hackneyed one that called for unity in diversity in all forms.

Samajhdaro ke liye Ishara hi Kafi Hai

You rightly said that residents of newly created union territories of Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir will be able to connect directly to your central government for fulfillment of their demands. There will be no need for intermediate powers which only had ‘promoted separatism, terrorism, dynastic rules and corruption’. You did not repeat your assurance on 8th August that statehood would be restored to J&K on opportune moments. Perhaps the timid responses from the muted valley prompted you to drop that concession.

Now that example should be followed by people of other states, particularly those are in the margin of our nation as well as those who are still ruled by political parties with questionable patriotic credentials. As far I could fathom your far sight, the facade of federalism will be there as long as it is needed, given the hazards of democracy. The assembly polls will be conducted simultaneously with the parliamentary poll till our lotus blooms at every corner of the land leading us to the presidential form of government formally. Then, as Indians will attain more Paripakkata  or maturity, you will outdo Trump, Erdogan, Duarte or Bolsonaro and usher us into a permanent revolution of Stalinist varieties, even to a higher form of it which Hitler and Mussolini had accomplished.

PM Modi

By that time, I hope you and our glorious Parivar will be able to mute all the anti-national libtards and siculars of the land. The mission to wipe out the residual army of parasites and termites who are the fifth columns of our enemies across the border and repository of separatism and terrorism will go along with it. There will be no more prosecution of our great Gomata-bhakts cum Deshbhakts for lynching the Pehlu Khans. In fact, I take this opportunity to record my gratitude that all our six brothers have been acquitted from the charge of killing that doodhwala Khan on the eve of Independence Day. Hame ekin hai ki ab sare ke sare khan appne jan bacchane ke khatir aap kee pahlu me rahena chahenge. PM Modi had already ensured it in Gujarat before moving to Delhi.

Ban Gandhi and Tagore

Being a Bong, the news is doubly relishable for me on the day of Rakhi Purnima today as it exonerates me and many like me from the legacy of an old idealist fellow called Tagore.

That man, incidentally, a friend of Gandhi, too longed for Hindu-Muslim unity and introduced a different kind of Raksha Bandhan ceremony during the first division of Bengal. Though they differed crucially, both were ideosyncrats in their understanding of Indian civilization and nationalism as a creed. Their readings were so different from our Sangh’s take home reading on Dharma and Itihasa that they must be banned as seditious literature immediately. Their ideas of Hinduism are so anachronistic to our ideas that you should stop swearing by Pujya Bapu since the name-dropping has served already your purpose. Also, you should also replace the national anthem that Tagore had penned with ‘Namaste Sada Vatsale Matrubhume‘– our Sangh anthem. Unlike the Jana Gana Mana that celebrates India’s historical plurality with a common destiny of all Indians in modern time, our anthem pins on our singular identity. It identifies India as Hindubhumi only and exhorts all believers in Hindu Rashtra to be valourous in the battle for the protection of our Punyabhumi and Rashtra-dharma.

What the promise of non-coercive government means

Sriman, aap ne aaj ghoshna ki aam admi k zindagi me sarkar ki dabao nahi hona chiye. Phir Mushkilo me sarkar ki abhab bhi na ho. Henceforth, government won’t be coercive and intrusive in common man’s life but will be available at the time of his distress. This was the essence of the axiom — minimum government and maximum governance– the mantra which you chanted during 2014 campaign. You were clear enough that your avaya mantra was only meant for business and industry, particularly those corporate A-listers who had been little restive over income tax on super riches and penal actions upon failing to meet Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). They were also apprehensive over the arms-twisting by overenthusiastic taxmen who had apparently driven CCD chain owner to suicide recently. You reminded the taxmen and others whose hanky panky has tarnished your corporate-friendly image that wealthy men needed to be respected since they are your best hope to fight unemployment and poverty. Fair enough.

But the libtards around me mistook your promise of an unobtrusive and non-coercive governance as a licence to doubt, question or criticise you and our government while expecting police to protect them against our saffron vigilantes, both offline and online. I heard them heaving a sigh of relief that no more they would be called anti-nationals, urban Naxal or terror accomplice despite the latest changes in the anti-terror UAPA act. No more they will not languish in jail after being charged with sedition and conspiracy against the government/ State. That their complaints against Armed Forces Special Power Act and host of laws that have strengthened the police state will be changed while laws to protect citizens against corporate-state cyber surviellance will be come. The fools thought that democratic niceties will be allowed in the placid mainland when they are suspended at the recalcitrant margins.

Only laws that serve corporate-state will come

When you counted 1450 archaic laws that you have already thrown to the dustbin of history in last 5 years and another 60 in 70 days of your second coming, these protestniks and rightniks were clinging to their hopes that the colonial sedition act and related sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) would also be repealed. They thought you had a change of heart and the government won’t be coercive to evict millions of the traditional forest dwellers and protect them under Forest Rights Act. Since these buggers are not easy to satisfy, they wanted you to stop dilution or violation of environmental, forest, land, mines and water laws that allow desi and phoren corporates to plunder forests, tribal land, mineral and water resources in the name of development and GDP growth.

‘Ease of Living’: For whom?

No doubt, these Jholawalas are the worst enemies of our country and allies of Maoists, the biggest threats to our internal security as your predecessor Maun Mohonji had predicted. It’s pertinent to point out that his party’s first family still have such hidden agents in their charmed circle. You are right in your refusal to make distinction between violent and non-violent Jholawalas when they oppose exclusion of millions of foreigners from the NRC in Assam and its extension in rest of the land on the ground of discriminatory legal process as well as subcontinental history and human rights. These renegades who have deserted the Sanatan Dharma are throwing spanners in the Parivar’s final solution to our Punyabhumi’s perennial problems with millions of parasites and termites which we can’t crush by merely by lynching.

Before you elaborated on your intended ‘ease of living’ for common man in his ‘Rojmara Zindagi‘, fools around me were expecting a transfer of Rs 15 lakhs to their bank accounts as you had promised in your first coming. They do not appreciate that you need not repeat your Jumlas given your pardarshita in selling new one every time you hog a podium. These ungrateful guys refused to accept your claim of controlled price-rise by brandishing bygons which they said had cost them Rs 50 per kg. You know Bongs are so fond of Begunbhaja with their Khichuri, even some of our Sakha members broke the anusashan and joined the doubters.

The P-T missiles

But all fell silent when you thundered against our eternal enemy without naming it and called for global and regional unity against that land of Satan which exports nothing but terror.

You know it better that all of us that even most rabid doubters and dissenters lose their nerves whenever you throw the P-T missiles at them. Your blast over Balakot has earned you second term and your Mission Kashmir is likely to give you the third. By 2029, I hope you will be able to weed out all the troublemakers and fulfill your dream of one nation- one party -one leader. Waiting for that day, my Naman to NAMO, the redeemer of Indian glory and destroyer of all the evils of the largest democracy of the world. Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya …..


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