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BJP Spreads Fake News About Brother-Sister Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi with Insidious Post

If there is an honest global campaign against fake news then India's ruling party will not have to hide as it is the founder and champion of fake news in India

Every day BJP’s social media campaign hits a new low. The party that should have been giving us the account of its 9 years of work is back on the game which it plays the best. Spread rumours, question people’s choices and abuse the powerful social media to spread fake news. If there is an honest global campaign against fake news then India’s ruling party will not have to hide as it is the founder and champion of fake news in India.

Yesterday, they posted an extremely disturbing Twitter post on Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi saying that they are not like other brothers and sisters. The video has some of the photographs of the brothers and sisters which the BJP social media cell wanted to project as immoral in public life. Now the paid media trolls continue to justify such acts. Rajasthan is on their target because they want to be back in power which is not certain. They are easily comparing Rajasthan or violence against the marginalized with what has happened in Manipur.

Violence Against Dalits

The point is, nobody says that the violence against Dalits never happened in the past or is purely a BJP’s contribution. Political parties have failed to handle the issue and speak against caste hatred but it is also a fact that after BJP assumed power at the centre, these forces of Manusmriti have got emboldened and the violence against Dalits and other communities on the margin has increased. Despite flaws in the administrative mechanism, we had a structure that was by and large respectful to the Constitution (If not in personal life but even the pretensions of public life) but today the state character has become unashamedly anti-constitution.

Look at the BJP leaders anywhere, they refuse to speak on any issue of violence or oppression in their state. Have you ever heard Yogi Adityanath expressing any remorse for anything happening in Uttar Pradesh? While we expect Ashok Gahlot to speak immediately, the media has no spine to stand up and ask questions to Yogi Adityanath as to why violence against Dalits is increasing in Uttar Pradesh and yet cases never reach the final stage.

BJP’s problem is the absolute arrogance of its leaders who refuse to speak to common karyakartas and want to be seen as demigods, mahanayaks. The party thinks that as long as they have power and money, they can manage every karyakartas and so far they have succeeded.

Trolling of Rahul Gandhi

Recently, Rahul Gandhi shared a video of cooking mutton at Lalu Yadav’s place. It is a wonderful video and people like it. Actually, Rahul Gandhi’s videos are creating records of all shorts. They are short and crisp without any preaching. They give people an insidious picture of the life of a politician who many think is the future prime minister of India. Whether he is Prime Minister or not does not matter. What is important is that Rahul Gandhi continues to raise issues of public interest despite all negative campaigning against him.

Now, the BJP social media trolls started questioning his faith and why he should eat mutton during Shravan month. Can he be a Shiva devotee or not? All the nonsensical posts are reflective of how BJP and RSS distorted our cultural value system. Even states like Uttarakhand, which they want to make us believe, is the capital of Hindutva, have more meat-eating people than other states. Whether it is vegetarian or not, the food is a personal choice and you cannot decide what we should eat.

The votaries of vegetarianism are the biggest propagators of violence against those who don’t follow their path. It is not surprising the same group opposes the school children getting eggs during the mid-day meal. The problem with this vegetarian agenda wallahs is that most of them hail from Central India which rarely had a contribution to our socio-cultural field. Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh are socially most oppressive states in India where violence against Dalits remains highest and the power of Dalit resistance is least. The reason is the economic dependence of Dalit-Adivasis on the Brahmin-Bania elite. These are the regions where the Baba culture has ensured the dominance of the Manuwadis. It is here they have made deep inroads among communities spreading superstitions and irrationality in the name of cultures and traditions.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are the targets of these groups. With big money and media, they are spreading their irrationality everywhere and targeting the people from the margin. Things are difficult here yet the failure of the Ambedkarites and the others to reach to their women and extend their outreach beyond their castes has only given these hatemongers a complete space in Uttar Pradesh. They are now moving towards Bihar.

Frankly speaking, the biggest achievement of the current regime is a normalisation of hatred against minorities and Dalits, the growth of the casteist Brahmanical priestly forces and the promotion of the business interest of the cronies across the country. Mahatma Jyotiba Phule actually explained this as Sethji Bhatji jodi exploiting us culturally as well as economically.

One Nation One Election

BJP wants to deliberately raise the cultural issues to polarise the people. The One Nation One Election campaign is nothing but a possible agenda to delay the elections too. The Parliament has been told that no questions can be asked or raised during this. I am not sure what will happen but hope it does not impact us like the demonetisation. The thing is that India should not try to follow the American model. It is not possible at the moment because that many laws need to be amended and there has to be a fixed term for all the elected bodies. Is it possible? If yes then remove the governors as the agents of the Centre who interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the state. Abolish Article 356 and the right to dismiss a government. So, one nation one poll is only possible when the constitution ensures that no government can be dismissed or the party can be broken. How will this happen?

Does the Modi government want to change to the Presidential form like what is happening in the United States? That would be extremely dangerous for the polity of the country. The American model is a failed and a sham model of democracy. There is nothing in that. It will ensure that the two biggest parties of the country run by big business interests as is happening in the US. The options remain limited. Modi would not even like to have another national party. He would like one party, meaning one khichadi (khana), one dukan (Adani) system for India. Can a country like India which has so much diversity accept this brahmin-bania oneness?

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The author is an activist and is currently working on Impact of Ganga and its tributaries in the Himalayas and the plains of India

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  1. Well written article by Vidya. India’s social fabric is ridden with centuries-long social injustices, further strengthened by the present RSS-BJP regime through lies, actions and select inactions.

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