In Giridih’s Heat, Soren Spirit Prevails: Kalpana Soren’s Nomination Rally Galvanizes Support

Chief Minister Champai Soren said on BJP's 'Modi’s Guarantee' claim during the Lok Sabha campaign, "I don't know what BJP meant by Modi’s guarantee? Is it a guarantee of his lies or about his false statements? In the rally, held after Kalpana filed nomination papers for the Gandey assembly by-poll, the entire Soren family and INDIA bloc leaders stand united with Kalpana.

Giridih: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has kept Hemant Soren in jail, but they cannot lock Hemant Soren’s ideas. All the people who have come here – children, elders, women, are Hemant Soren, Kalpana Soren said in her speech after filing nomination for Gandey assembly by-election.

Before former chief Hemant Soren went to jail, Gandey’s seat had fallen vacant after the resignation of Sarfaraz Ahmed. Ahmed, a Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLA, had resigned from the seat, for Kalpana Soren, who was being seen as the chief minister after speculations of Hemant Soren’s arrest. But later JMM chose senior party leader Champai Soren in place of the JMM working president.

Voting for the Gandey by-election will be held on May 20 along with the Koderma Lok Sabha elections.

Today, Hemant Soren’s brother and Dumka MLA Basant Soren was also present in Kalpana Soren’s nomination and when the rally began, JMM President Shibu Soren and his wife Rupi Soren also attended it.

The gathering of the entire family was also a big message for Sita Soren, who is the widow of the late Durga Soren, Hemant Soren’s elder brother, that the Soren family is firmly behind Kalpana. Sita left the party and is the BJP’s candidate from Dumka, contesting against JMM. 

78-year-old Shibu Soren also asked people who attended the event in 41-degree temperature to vote for Kalpana.

Along with the Soren family, INDIA bloc leaders also stand united with the jailed leader. Congress minister Alamgir Alam, MLA Irfan Ansari, Jharkhand President Rajesh Thakur, RJD leader and minister Satyanand Bhokta, former MLA Gautam Sagar Rana, CPIML leader and INDIA bloc candidate from Koderma Vinod Singh and JMM’s Giridih and Dumka Lok Sabha candidates Mathura Mahato, Nalin Soren and Giridih MLA Sudivya Kumar Sonu were present. AAP leaders were also in attendance.

Chief Minister Champai Soren said on BJP’s ‘Modi’s Guarantee’ claim during the Lok Sabha campaign, “don’t know what BJP meant by Modi’s guarantee? Is it a guarantee of his lies or about his false statements?

During the Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime Minister Modi gave a speech in which he claimed that Manmohan Singh said Muslims have the first right to the country’s resources, and that Congress has written in its manifesto that it will distribute the wealth of the country’s people among Muslims.

The Prime Minister addressed Muslims as those who produce more children and as infiltrators. After this, not only the concerned citizens of the country complained about the hate speech to the Election Commission but the fact checkers also declared Modi’s statement about Manmohan Singh incorrect. They also declared that Congress did not say anything like this in its manifesto.

Champai Soren further said, “think, BJP will not get even 150 seats”.

Kalpana Soren also mentioned her priorities after getting elected from Gandey. She gave examples like providing a better system of supplying water for drinking and irrigation in the area. And also the establishment of a women’s degree college.

Kalpana, which means dream, made a special promise to the women, “I will fulfil your dreams.”


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