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Call for NRC reminds us of the hardship we faced in 1956 – Bengali intellects

If BJP leaders are human beings then they should decline their idea of implementing NRC across the country

Kolkata: “If leaders and ministers of BJP are human beings then they should immediately decline their idea of implementing NRC across the country,  said poet Subodh Sarkar Addressing a press conference at Kolkata Press Club, on Saturday.

Intellectuals from the city also claimed that chief minister Mamata Banerjee has the potential to restrict the BJP and RSS leaders from implementing NRC in Bengal.

Bengali Intelligentsia against NRC

“Chief Minister’s from six states are now being vocal against the implantation of NRC in their states. But Mamata Banerjee is the only chief minister who had shown courage to speak against NRC in the national capital. BJP’s main target is Bengal but they are forgetting that those Muslims who stay in Bengal are also Indian citizens since the partition of Bengal,” mentioned Sarkar.

Sarkar also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP national president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah are not aware that the common people of the country even those voted BJP to power is going against the saffron camp due to the Central’s government’s inhuman acts and policies.

Speaking about Hindu-Muslim unity, writer Abdul Basar mentioned that though the Hindus and Muslims are divided by religion but are united by culture and humanity.

“Politics and power doesn’t mean violence. The two religions can have different traits to reach the almighty but culturally both are united. Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam are the perfect examples of unity between the two religions. Muslims at least in Bengal are so worried that they are even shaving off their beards. RSS and the BJP cannot go on for long by their divisive politics,” said Basar.

Basar added that the intellectuals from Bengal should hit the streets more often so as to mount pressure of the saffron camp and also to give the BJP a clear message that the citizens of Bengal will not fall into their trap.

Taking a potshot at the BJP government, poet and singer Pratul Mukherjee said that saffron camp follows the ideologies of Adolf Hitler. “Rabindranath Tagore in the original song from which the Indian National anthem is taken clearly states that people from all religions including Muslims have the right to stay in India as they are also the bonafied citizens of this country. RSS follows that song but overhears the word Muslims for which they are putting up their ante against a particular community. Mass agitation is needed across the country and Bengal should lead it. On one side the BJP is keeping the saints in front on the other side they are killing them again by not abiding their teachings,” added Mukherjee.

Poet-writer Nrishingha Prasad Bhaduri said that people those who had to come and reside at this side of Bengal from Bangladesh had to face tough time and also that these people including him are having nightmares due to the inhuman policy of the BJP led central government.

“In 1956 I had spent sleepless nights at Sealdah station along with my mother. This inhuman policy of BJP is reminding me of those days and we all are having nightmares. But pelting stones at trains and setting buses on fire is not the correct way to stop the implementation of NRC but we have to protest so that the BJP cannot do much over the NRC issue. The BJP speaks a lot about freedom movement but none of the BJP leaders have ever shed blood for India’s freedom movement,” claimed Bhadhuri.

Moderating the press conference painter Suvaprassannna said that no one from Bengal should worry about NRC as Mamata Banerjee will not allow implementation of the same in Bengal. Singer Kabir Suman, who was unable to attend the programme had sent a note stating that he will not cooperate with the BJP cadres and leaders and will not submit any papers or documents to prove his nationality and loyalty towards the country.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee had urged from the common people to maintain peace and harmony in the state and not to resort to violence and disturb public tranquility and peace.

“It must be kept in mind that police stations, railway stations, airports, post offices, government offices, public transport and likes are public property. Vandalising public as well as private property in any form will not be tolerated and will strictly be dealt according to law. We are opposed to CAB and NRC. However, we are against any sort of violence and disruption. We urge all to protest against CAB and NRC through democratic means,” said Banerjee.

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