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All is not well for Mukul Roy, in BJP!

Kolkata: Mukul Roy, the latest recruit of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Bengal is not only facing challenges from his ex-party Trinamul Congress (TMC) leaders, Abhisekh Banerjee has filed defamation suit against him but also from within the saffron party. As expected, BJP is yet to offer an important position to him.

According to sources, BJP (national) has refrained from allowing Mukul Roy to hold press conference in Delhi. He has also not been allowed to take care of Tripura’s election strategy.

Many believe that the BJP wants Mukul Roy to prove that he is a valuable property and in future would prove to be instrumental in destabilizing Mamata Banerjee’s government in Bengal.

Roy, a former Rajya Sabha MP wants BJP to give him recognition not only in state level but at the centre. He, now wants to get a Rajya Sabha membership from BJP so that he can have a greater say in state activities, said the source. On the other hand, BJP wants Roy to help BJP poach TMC cadres and leaders.

However, as of Roy, has not tasted luck in fulfilling this criterion. So far, he has been unsuccessful in bringing in other TMC leader into the saffron fold. He is trying to live up to the second BJP agenda – targeting Mamata Banerjee in her speeches.

It seems former railway minister has a different plan. Close aides of Roy said, “He would attack his former leader Mamata Banerjee in his speeches and it would be intensified gradually. When the right time comes, he would be revealing many hidden facts that would prove fatal for TMC government.

However, with the Panchayat elections due in 2018, BJP doesn’t have much choice here, but to keep their faith on Roy.

Sources indicate that Roy had even complained to BJP headquarters in Delhi that though his personal relationship with Dilip Ghosh is amiable, the state leadership has not discussed any political strategy with him either.

Political analyst Bijan Sarkar feels that BJP, especially RSS has no faith on Roy. “He joined BJP just to avoid going to the jail. His move has not surprised any in TMC or BJP. TMC leaders like Tapas Pal, Madan Mitra or Sudip Bandopadhyay all have gone to jail and have shown their allegiance. Roy has not been able to make much dent into TMC so far, as a result BJP has not given him any portfolio. If he fails in his mission to bring TMC leaders to join BJP then Roy may not be able to survive in the party,” said Sarkar to eNewsroom.

Another political analyst Biswanath Chakraborty opines that BJP is a national party so it is important for Roy to understand, adapt and adjust to the new environment. “BJP has given him enough space. Roy has to prove his worth. If he feels that he should be given an important position without him proving anything then he is fooling himself,” said Chakraborty.

He went on to adds, “For the RSS, Roy is a manager not a leader, like Mamata Banerjee. So he needs to prove himself. He needs to adopt or accommodate himself to the new environment. He has to wait.”

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