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Mamata to pit Roy junior against Mukul Roy!

Kolkata: Mukul Roy sudden transition from being the Rajya Sabha Member of Trinamul Congress (TMC) to a Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) leader, will not make much difference to ruling party in Bengal, as party supremo Mamata Banerjee may pit Roy’s son Subhrangshu against him.

Mukul Roy, the former railway minister was once a trusted lieutenant of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, had not just been a political advisor but also an election strategist. Many believed that while Roy was the ‘head’ of the party, Mamata Banerjee was its soul. But, because of former railway minister’s decision, the political landscape has changed.

Speaking about Roy’s exit, Debasish Jana, mayor-in-council of Bidhannagar Corporation said, “If some people think, coming and going of a person will affect TMC or Mamata Banerjee, it’s their lack of knowledge about party and party founder. But the charisma of Mamata Banerjee will not fade. It took her many years of struggle to be where she is today. Moreover the developmental work of TMC will have the last and final word.”

When asked whether Roy as a leader and an election strategist who understood the science of election would ever be replaced, in the party, Jana maintained that ‘no one is indispensible’.

It’s not just the top order which thinks that Roy’s exit of little consequence, but also the party workers. “No party completely relies on a single person to lay down the election strategy. It’s always teamwork. So Roy’s exit in no way going to demoralise the party workers,” said Shanti Guchhait, a party worker of Duttabad area of Bidhannagar Corporation. He added that successful projects like Kanyashree, Khaddoshree, Sabuj Sathi will help the party sail through.

Roy all set to make his first public appearance on November 10 at Shahid Minar, to address a gathering as a BJP leader, is bearing little consequence to TMC, as a party. They have their own plan of pitching Roy’s son Subhrangshu, a TMC MLA, against Roy senior. He would be used by the party to address a gathering not only in Kanchrapara and Halisahar but also in other parts of the state.

“On August 9, he spoke against BJP and after three months he will speak against TMC. He has lost his credibility. People of Bengal will never take him seriously,” said a party worker on condition of anonymity.

Analysing the present political scenario, political analyst professor Biswanath Chakraborty, told eNewsroom that shifting his loyalty to BJP will not have any immediate effect on TMC.

“BJP will have an advantage, but in the long run. In BJP there is a dearth of election strategist in Bengal. Apart from the late BJP leader, Tapan Sikdar, BJP has no leader who understands electoral politics. And Roy is an expert in this area. During his tenure with TMC, he took care of the election strategy, single-handedly. So Mukul Roy is an asset for BJP,” analysed Chakraborty.

But he also pointed out that initial days at BJP will be important for Mukul Roy. “Adaptability is the key word for Roy, now. How well he adapts to the new surrounding and how the BJP office bearers in Bengal welcomes is going to play a vital role in cementing his place in BJP. If his landing is smooth, his rehabilitation is great then in near future, many leaders from Congress, TMC and Left Front might join BJP. And if the scenario is different than BJP will have a tough time in making a firm foothold in Bengal,” added Chakraborty.

He does have a point. With Mukul Roy being taken into BJP’s fold, resentment is already noticed within the party. Yesterday itself, BJP State President Dilip Ghosh reportedly termed Roy, as chutney. Elaborating on the same, Bijon Sarkar, another political analyst, stated, “Such an analogy means that Roy’s entry into BJP is not important. This statement implies that he (Mukul Roy) is an ‘optional’ part of the party and not integral.”

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