Teenager Wali Rahmani adopts 23 orphan kids to build them as leaders

Kolkata: It rarely happens that someone who himself is a teenaged student takes up the responsibility of nurturing other children. But teenager Wali Rahmani, who has made waves with his YouTube videos is doing some significant work for the society, which is rarity.

Motivational speaker Wali Rahmani

The 19-year-old law student has adopted 23 orphans with the intention of nurturing them as future leaders. He founded Umeed, an organisation which works for the better future of orphan kids and takes care of their overall development. On April 1, Umeed turned one and celebrated its first foundation day.

On the occasion, a small function was organized where Umeed kids exhibited their acquired skills – right from singing to showcasing karate skills to presenting a skit before the audience.

Umeed’s founder, Wali while addressing the gathering stated that the health of the kids is their top priority as several kids adopted under the aegis of Umeed were malnourished, but are now healthy.

Ummed has 12-hour time table for each students. In these twelve hours, not only a students start their day with milk and breakfast, but also get lunch and dinner from the center. They study school syllabus, do extra-curricular activities as well as learn some foreign languages.

“We believe that the kids who come from underprivileged backgrounds, if left after 5-6 hours of study, then they will again be in the same environment, from which we were brought to the academy. Hence we leave them after studies and so many activities that they return home and fall asleep, to wake up next morning and return back to us,” claimed Wali.

Wali, also made it clear that despite most of the kids in Umeed being orphan, the organisation is not an orphanage. “In fact kids here are getting, what my children would be getting when I will become a father,” claimed the young philanthropist.

Watch eNewsroom‘s exclusive talk with Wali Rahmani, at his Kolkata office.







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