365 days of farmers protest: Story of struggle, courage and triump

Kolkata: November 26 is the first anniversary of the farmers’ protest, the world’s largest protest at the world’s largest democracy. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to repeal three controversial farm laws, the protesting farmers have paid a very high price for protesting against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government. BJP has a majority not only in several state assemblies where farmers were agitating against the laws but in both the houses of parliament too. In the last 365 days, farmers were not only name-called right from Khalishtani, Naxals to Andaolanjeevi. Andolanjeevi was said inside the parliament by none other than prime minister Modi itself. They were mowed down by the ruling party leaders. And it was not only the four farmers who mowed down, 676 farmers were also killed while protesting against the law.

However, the courage of peasants only soared and they got support from outside India as well. In several other countries including the United States and Canada, rallies were held in support of Indian farmers.  

Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader Rakesh Tikait had claimed in February this year that they will continue protesting till October. It proved right and as the protest entered in November and Uttar Pradesh’s election come closure, PM Modi led the BJP government decided to repeal farm bills. 

Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj India had also claimed two days ahead of PM Modi’s announcement that the farm laws are on the death bed and that it will have to go. Yadav had mentioned that now the agitation is for the unity of the country.

Now as Samyukta Kisan Morcha took a stand to continue the protest till the bills did not get repealed in parliament. And the law could not be made for Minimum Support Price (MSP), the protest completes a year.

 Watch eNewsroom’s video story, as we try to club major incidents which took place during the ongoing protest.

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