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Millennium City, which helps realise dream of millions sent back Hafiz Saad’s dead body home

Hafiz Mohammad Saad killed by Hindutva mob had to leave for his home on the day, his dead body left for Sitamarhi. The Ajuman Mosque committee had also won a case in Supreme Court against the mosque burnt down by rioters, indicating a larger conspiracy than just a single incident

Gurgaon (Gurugram)/Kolkata: A lover of naat (the poetry in praise of the prophet Muhammad), and believer of communal harmony of Hindu-Muslims, Hafiz Mohammad Saad was killed by a Hindutva mob had to leave for his home, Sitamarhi on the day, his dead body left for home. 

22-year-old Hafiz Saad had come only 7 months back to Gurugram, also known as Gurgaon. Millennium City is known for being a tech hub of India and helping millions of Indians to realise their dreams.

Uski zindagi abhi shuru huyi thi, bachcha tha wo (his life had just begun, he was just a kid),” Shadab, the elder brother of Hafiz Saad, who was travelling with the dead body of his younger sibling broke down as he spoke to eNewsroom. When this journalist contacted Shadab, he was on the way to reach Sitamarhi, with the dead body of his younger brother.

Shadab, a tutor also lives in Gurgaon, one and a half kilometres away from the Anjum Mosque where his younger brother was doing Imamat and residing. “Kal ki hi ticket this uske ghar jaane ki aur 30 August ko wapsi ka ticket tha. Usey aaye huye saat mahine huye the Gurgaon. Aur in saat mahino mei uski kabhi kisi ke sath koi naittefaqi bhi nahi huyi thi [Yesterday (Tuesday) he had to go home. Saad had made a return ticket also on August 30. It has been seven months since he came to Gurgaon and during this period he did not have any misunderstanding with anyone],” informed Shadab. 

The 250-300 strong Hindutva mob not only fired bullets inside the mosque but later set it blazed too.

The Imam of Anjum Mosque Shahnawaz informed, “The mosque was 25 years old and we had won a case in the Supreme Court recently. We had the plan to construct it further from August.”

Do you believe the killing of a deputy Imam and setting ablaze of Anjuman Mosque is a larger conspiracy? 

“It could not be ruled out,” he added. 

After the killing of Hafiz Saad, one of the naat Hindu-Muslim baith ke khaye ek thali mei, aisa Hindustan bana de ya Allah, (Ya Allah, the day comes when Hindu and Muslim eat from one plate) is viral now.

Hafiz Saad has studied in Chattarpur, Mehrauli and Darul Uloom Deoband.

“Saad was a positive thinker, he believed in humanity and communal harmony and loved to recite naats,” said Shadab.

On Wednesday, Hafiz Saad will be buried in Sitamarhi after Zohar prayers.

The brother informed them that they have registered an FIR in this regard at Sector- 56 police station. Did he get contacted by any politicians, or higher officials after the incident? 

“No, we are only getting phone calls from journalists. No one else contacted us. The only thing the police said is that they have arrested ten people in this connection. But there was a mob of 250-300 rioters, it is not enough,” he said in anguish.

What do you want, any demand from the government? “I want that the killers to be hanged,” the brother added.

Significantly, even after two major incidents, one the attack on the Jaipur-Mumbai train, in which four innocent Muslims were gunned down by a terrorist Chetan Singh, other the attack on a Mosque leading to the killing of Hafiz Saad, no major politicians except Sitaram Yechury of CPIM and Asaduddin Owaisi of AIMIM condemned such horrific act of terrorism. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted about the hate and divisive climate but no specific mention of the two incidents. 

We are sharing a bank account of Hafiz Saad’s mother, if anyone wants to support the grieving family.

Sanovar Khatun w/o Md Mushtaq


IFSC : PUNB0179000

Branch: PNB Sitamarhi

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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