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Extra ordinary time, extra ordinary work: Hemant Soren govt sends Jharkhand workers for BRO project in Leh

Right from realizing the dream of migrant workers traveling by air to creating dignified job opportunities for them, CM Hemant Soren is doing all it takes to provide a better future for migrants, flags off a special train with 1500 workers to Leh for BRO project

Dumka/Ranchi: For the migrant workers of Jharkhand, lockdown is turning out to be a blessing into disguise. Not only have they been rescued, but are now being given dignified job opportunity too.

Today, a special train with migrant workers chugged out of Jharkhand for Leh. In doing so, Jharkhand became the first state in India, to sign a contract with Border Road Organization (BRO) and the workers to the Indian border.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren flagged off a train from Dumka, carrying more than 1500 workers. It will be taking these workers to work on strategic BRO projects in Leh – Ladakh and other region of Indo- China border.

Earlier, Soren government had given opportunity to the slipper wearing labours to fly as Jharkhand government had insured safe return of thousands of workers through flights from across India, now migrants have got an opportunity to do dignified job at a time when people are losing jobs during the lockdown.

A first of kind agreement was signed between BRO and Government of Jharkhand to ensure increased wages, welfare benefits and adherence to all registration norms by BRO for all subsequent recruitment of workers to be done directly with support of local district administration.

An aide of the chief minister informed that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be signed soon between BRO and Labour Department, Jharkhand.

Hemant Soren who also addressed the workers claimed, “In future, no worker or labour from Jharkhand will die (unnaturally, outside) and to facilitate this even if I have to sacrifice my life I will not hesitate.”

He further said, “It (sending workers for BRO project) is our contribution to nation building. There is tension at the borders, but our labours are going without any hesitation in mind.”

Soren mentioned that Jharkhand is leading the country to help build border area roads.

He added and pointed out to BRO officials, “We will take guarantee of our labours and BRO too has to take guarantee that they will be provided with all the facilities. After completion of the project they will be sent back too. So that when they return, they keep smiling.”

Jharkhand government has also been instrumental in bringing back most of its migrant workers from other state, in fact from the remotest part of country during lockdown, be it Andaman or Ladakh.

However, last week, main stream media started running stories about Jharkhand government not wanting to send its workers for the BRO projects which is actually nation building works.

Soren had denied that no such order has been passed from his end. He also mentioned that his government has nation building at its top priority but so is the rights of labourers.

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