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They can fire as many bullets into our chest, but will not get the country divided – Zeeshan Ayyub

Kolkata: On a day, when a rightwing goon fired bullets on the protesting students of Jamia, in Delhi, Bollywood actor Zeeshan Ayyub stated that they (right wing goon) can fire as many bullets, but people of India will not let country get divided.

The Bollywood actor had first shown solidarity with Jamia students when police had barged into the university campus and assaulted the students in the University library and even washrooms. The actor along with another Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar had even participated at a protest gathering in Jamia to show their solidarity with the students.

On Martyr Day – the death anniversary of Mahtama Gandhi, several marches were organized by the anti-CAA and anti-NRC protestors in Kolkata. However, no sooner than their march began, the news of a right wing goon firing on Jamia students got flashed on television and social media, thereby making many recall Nathuram Godse shooting Mahatma on January 30, 1948.

Zeeshan began his speech by thanking women protestors present at the New Market. He said, “When I see you people, I get strength. I should thank you people. This is a movement of women and students. They do not know how to fight against women. They fear the common man. I came here to say a lot, but the firing that took place at Jamia has disturbed me.”

“The way you are protesting peacefully, we have to continue in this manner. They are afraid of this mass movement. They are firing bullets out of fear, they can fire as many bullets, we will put our chest before them, but will not let our country get divided,” said the actor.

mahatma gandhi citizenship caa martydom NRC Kolkata
Bollywood actor Zeeshan Ayyub during the anti-CAA march

Joint Forum Against NRC had organized a sit-in at Chaplin Square, for almost a week, which was concluded with a rally or march from the sit-in site to Gandhi statue on the martyrdom anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. This rally was also addressed by former National Security Guard (NSG) commando Dipanjan Chakraborty, who had also won the President Award for his bravery claimed that, if raising question on the injustice done by the government is making him anti-national then, he doesn’t mind being called an anti-national. Dipanjan who worked as the security chief in Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) said, “I know more than hundred IAS and IPS officers who come from JNU, so all of them are anti-national. And there are two other famous anti-nationals – Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and External Affairs Minister Jai Shankar.”

“It is not like that every army person favour government and did not like protestors. They have also several issues like One Rank One Pension, which government did not fulfill,” the former NSG commando said.

“I know you people do not fear, and I am telling you not to fear anybody and to continue with this fight,” he appealed.

The sit-in was also addressed by Prasenjit Bose, Convener of Joint Forum Against NRC, who not only warned Narendra Modi-led central government for the firing that took place at the Jamia students , but also Nitish Kumar and Mamata Banerjee-led governments for detaining activist Kanhaiya Kumar and the TMC workers firing at two anti- CAA protestors in Murshidabad, respectively.

“If protesters are attacked in Delhi, then we will march to Delhi in thousands and throw out the Modi government. It is also a warning to ruling government here as we can protest against TMC too if they will attack NRC protestors,” Bose warned.

Unlike, Bose, Imtiaz Molla, another prominent member of the Forum sharply attacked Mamata Banerjee government for Murshidabad killings. He said, “We will not tolerate attack on protesters. We are ready to get killed to save constitution, but our blood will not go in waste in such a manner. Mamata Banerjee has to speak up on the killings by TMC goons.”

Deborshi Chakraborty another convener of Joint Forum, maintained that the protests won’t stop with the Modi government taking back CAA, but will continue till the government falls.”

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