Empowered and Engaged: Kalpana Soren’s Political Resilience

Talking to eNewsroom, Hemant Soren's wife and INDIA bloc candidate from Gandey also said that the Soren family taught me to live with dignity and confidence

Giridih: Kalpana Murmu Soren’s husband and former Chief Minister, Hemant Soren, maybe in jail, but the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leader confidently says that tribals are like a seed on which no matter how much soil you put on it, it will turn into a plant and give seeds back. She also claims that hopefully, the country will soon get tribal leadership.

On March 4, when Kalpana Soren became active in politics, Hemant Soren’s wife had tears in her eyes. When she met eNewsroom on May 4, after two months, she was full of confidence. With a smile on her face and a green dot on her forehead, she was presenting the picture of an ’empowered woman’.

38-year-old Kalpana Soren has studied engineering and MBA, she can speak in four languages ​​– Hindi, English, Oriya and Bengali. In the last 60 days of being active in politics, it was visible that she is learning fast all aspects of politics. Answering the most complex questions of journalists and spending maximum time among her voters. Read her interview.

eNewsroom: Seeing and talking to you gives a glimpse of an empowered woman, how much role does the Soren family have in your empowerment? And also share your political experience so far.

Kalpana Soren: The hard work that Baba (Shibu Soren) has done over the years and the amount of time Hemant ji has spent to know the people of Jharkhand, they have taught me that you should always live with dignity and confidence. Because attempts will be made to crush you, as it was done with Baba and is being done with Hemant jiHe told me that if you are fearless and you want to do what you say, you have to be confident in it. These are the most important things in his love and education.

As far as my experience in politics in the last two months is concerned, everyone is working hard and I am also doing it. Everything is a first for me, everything is new. There is nothing tailor-made for me. I am learning. I will try to do the best I can. And to fulfill the expectations people have of me.

Watch Kalpana Soren’s interview

eNewsroom: Do you think that tribal leadership is not allowed to flourish in the countryfirst Shibu Soren had to go to jail when he was a minister and now Hemant Soren who came to power with a majority but landed in jail?

Kalpana Soren: When our country had not even dreamt of independence, all our revolutionaries like Baba Tilka Manjhi, Birsa Munda, Sidho Kanho, Phulo and Jhanno had taken up arms against the British. When they took up arms, they used to live in the forest. It is a matter of thinking, how is your upbringing? Whether you know how to bow or not. And what your DNA says. I always say that the DNA of the tribal is such that it cannot accept bowing down before anyone. So when Baba Tilka Manjhi did not bow down, Guruji did not and Hemant ji did not bow down, then I always felt that an attempt was being made to suppress the tribals. But I know that Adivasi is a seed on which no matter how much soil you put on it, it will emerge as a plant and when it bears fruit, it will give more seeds.

As far as tribal leadership in the country is concerned, the time will soon come when the country will get some tribal leadership.

eNewsroom: Since many women, as well as women voters of the Gandey assembly, are watching and listening to you attentively, would you like to say something to them?

Kalpana Soren: I appeal to the women of Gandey to give me a chance. I have left my home and family and want to make Gandey my home. Want to work for you. And I want to work not just for mothers and sisters but for all human beings.

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