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Lightening kill four cricket lover kids

Giridih/Kolkata: In a heart-wrenching incident, lightening killed four kids, in Jharkhand’s Mandro village. This village is about 35 kilometers away from Saria block and about 100 kilometers from the Giridih district’s headquarters.

The children, were playing cricket in their backyard when a thunderbolt hit them. Four of the kids were killed, while two got seriously injured. Mohammad Hassan (7), Sahil Ansari (10) and Umar Farooque (10) lost their life in their backyard. While Mister Ansari (9) and Ahmed Ansari (12) got severely injured.

The field, was only 200 feet away from their home. But they took refuge under a jackfruit tree when it began to rain. They probably had the intention of resuming their match, once it stopped raining.

Not the first time

Making the situation grimmer, was the fact that the victims had to be ferried for 50 kilometers to avail treatment. And on reaching a private hospital, four of the kids were declared dead. The other two, kids who were seriously injured are undergoing the necessary treatment and are battling for their life. This incident once again exposed rural Jharkhand’s poor healthcare system.

A week back,  eNewsroom, had reported another case, where three victims ( including a brother and sister duo) of a road accident, had succumbed to their injuries in Bagoder, which is yet to have a proper hospital of its own.  Here again, the victims had to be taken to the nearest city for treatment.

Too young to die

All killed in this incident were school-going kids. Sadly enough, in this case, the youngest casualty was as young as a seven-year-old, while the oldest was only 12-year-old. “One of the victims, Aasif Ansari (12) used to study in Mumbai and was visiting his native village during his summer break,” informed former MLA Vinod Singh, who visited the spot immediately after he got the news.

Annual ritual, it seems

Every year, over 2000 people die due lightening in India. Jharkhand makes up for a large number of such deaths. “Jharkhand’s Chota Nagpur region is the most affected. Thunderbolts during the monsoon is a norm out there,” rued Singh. Despite all measures being taken by the government, there has been a steady rise in the number of deaths caused due to thunderstorms.

In 2016, at least 70 people died due to lightening, in Giridih, alone. With monsoon approaching, this incident is only a reminder to the people of Jharkhand, about how serious this issue can get for them. It is this season when farmers are busy with paddy cultivation and have to work on the field as it rains. Under such circumstances, the risk of farmers being struck by a thunderstorm is high, especially if they seek refuge under a tree or stay in the open space.

During monsoon, farmers have to work in the paddy field, especially when it rains. Under such circumstances, the risk of them being struck by a thunderstorm is high. Especially, if they seek refuge under a tree or stay in the open space.

Compensation revised

Due to Singh’s perseverance, Jharkhand government has recently listed deaths caused due to thunderstorm under the category of deaths caused by natural calamities.  Taking a cue, the central government has also done the same for such victims.

Some revisions have also been made in the compensation offered to the victim’s family.  Earlier, a deceased family used to get a paltry amount if Rs 50000 as a compensation from the government. It has now been revised to Rs 4,00,000.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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