From Tears to Triumph: Kalpana Soren’s Stirring Defense of Jharkhand’s Pride

Draped in an off-white sari with green linings, resembling JMM’s green color, Hemant Soren's wife spoke at the 51st foundation day celebration of the party in Giridih

Giridih/Ranchi: Kalpana Soren, wife of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren, delivered an emotional speech in her first public address. Not only did she make sharp attacks on the opposition but also boosted the morale of Jharkhand Mukti Morcha cadres. Kalpana compared keeping Hemant Soren in jail to putting the self-respect of Jharkandis in jail. She declared that the people of Jharkhand would avenge it.

Draped in an off-white sari with green linings, resembling JMM’s green color, Kalpana Soren spoke at the 51st foundation day celebration of the party in Giridih.

On January 31, Hemant Soren was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in a land-related case and he had to resign from the post of chief ministership.

Since then it has been speculated that Kalpana Soren would enter active politics. She is expressing her views through Hemant Soren’s personal X (Twitter) handle. Today, as she was about to deliver her first speech among party supporters at Jhanda Maidan in Giridih, she worshipped Marang Buru beforehand. When Kalpana came on the stage, the crowd raised slogans of Kalpana Soren mat ghabrana.

An emotional Kalpana started crying at the beginning of her speech and said, “My mother-in-law is unwell and I thought I would not cry, but after seeing your love, I could not stop myself.”

She further said, “Yesterday 3rd March, was my birthday. I had met Hemant ji. The words that you guys are speaking today, Kalpana Soren, don’t be afraid, he said the same thing yesterday by placing his hand on my shoulder, Kalpana. Don’t be afraid. Right now I am just in jail, but I am alive.”

Kalpana also said that since Hemant Soren did not bow down, he had to go to jail.

“And Jharkhand and Jharkhandi will never bow down,” she asserted.”

The former Chief Minister’s wife, who may soon contest elections, also questioned the reasons behind Hemant Soren’s imprisonment.

Hemant ji’s government secured the majority in the 2019 elections, and from the day the Jharkhandi government was formed, a conspiracy to topple it began,” Kalpana said, asking,

“What is Hemant Soren ji’s crime? Is it a crime to demand back one lakh thirty-six thousand crore rupees of Jharkhand from the Central Government? Was it a crime to demand 27 percent reservation passed by the Legislative Assembly? Was it a crime to ask for the Sarna code, was it a crime to bring poor labourers who were left to fend for themselves during Covid, by bus, train or planes? Is it a crime to waive off farmers’ loans?
Then she sought blessings from the people, saying, ‘You have shown so much respect here that this daughter-in-law is now ready to become your daughter”.

Kalpana also addressed the people in the Santhali language.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Champai Soren, Minister Hafizul Hasan and JMM’s Rajya Sabha MP Mahua Manjhi, several MLAs – Mathura Mahato, Sudivya Kumar Sonu, former MLAs Sarfaraz Ahmed, Jaiprakash Verma and Nizamuddin Ansari were present in the function.

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