Farmer’s ‘half-buried’ protest: A month on, but Vasundhara Raje yet to listen

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Jaipur / Kolkata : Situated at the outskirt of Jaipur, Nindar village has become the hub of an ongoing movement. Around 1350 farmers and their family members including children and women have been staging a half-buried protest against JDA for forcibly acquiring their land, since October 2, 2017.

The farmers celebrated all their festivals from the site, have buried in pits. But, Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje is yet to lend them her ears to hear out their grievances.

In last few days, their agitation has intensified too. Village youths took out a motorcycle rally and while women blocked the National Highway for half and hour with burning torches in hand and anti JDA slogans on their lips. For a housing project, JDA has acquired 320 hectares of land in Nindar village, which farmers claim that it has been acquired forcibly and without their consent and compensating well.

Ironically, even after heart wrenching protest and for such a long period of time, no MLA raised the issue inside in the just concluded assembly session. Only Congress leaders Sachin Pilot and CP Joshi paid visit to the protesters.

Nagendra Singh Shekhawat, the farmer, who is leading the agitation told eNewsroom over phone, “Our demand from government is to do survey again. But, administrative officials who met us so far, while saying that they will do the survey, they want to start the work at the site, simaltinousl.”

“How it is possible?”, the farmer leader questioned.

Please watch the video below.



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