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Face-off between CM Mamata and Governor Tripathi over Baduria

Kolkata: An objectionable post on Facebook by a standard 11 student not only gave the mob a chance to go on rampage, in Bengal’s Baduria district, but has also led to a face-off between Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Governor KN Tripathi.

Baduria, a small town in Bengal’s North 24 Pargana, is just 50 kilometers away from its state capital, Kolkata.

The accused, who posted an objectionable picture, got arrested on Sunday night itself, but the administration could not quell the anger of those offended by the post. The angry mob burnt down several shops, vehicles including police vans on Monday and Tuesday.

However, communal tension building up in Baduria, got more attention when the Didi called journalists, claiming that the governor of Bengal had called her. She claimed that he, during the telephonic conversation had threatened and insulted her. She even mentioned that BJP was instigating communal violence in Bengal.

“He telephoned and threatened me. The governor can not threaten me. I told him, ‘You cannot threaten me like this,’” an angry Mamata told the reporters present during the conference.

Hinting to the people of Bengal and specially Muslims, the chief minister added, “BJP may provoke you, but why are you getting trapped. The ones who destroyed government properties will have to pay. We will be taking action against them.”

She also warned leaders of both the communities, “I will not spare anyone who is fuelling communal violence.”

After few hours of Mamata’s statement, Governor Tripathi too issued a communiqué stating that he cannot remain mute spectator.

The communiqué mentioned that Honorable governor and chief minister talks were confidential in nature and none is expected to disclose it. However, there was nothing that he said, which could make the CM feel insulted, threatened and humiliated.

Meanwhile, local MLA Quazi Abdul Rahim blamed that the police did not inform the localites about the accused having been arrested.

Significantly, there has been a surge in the number of communal clashes in Bengal, during the second stint of Mamata Banerjee’s government. Since October, last year, at least 10 districts of Bengal have witnessed such communal clashes.

Kolkata Police, seeing the situation, in its Facebook page has requested people to report rumour mongers.  And stressed that peace and communal harmony remains their first priority.

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