Meha Khanduri

is a concerned citizen. She has studied International Relations at Columbia University

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Why every year I keep a roza during Ramzan- A Hindu lady

I started keeping roza (fasting) three years back, and now several of my Hindu friends too fast. But I am often asked why being a Hindu, I keep one roza in the month of Ramzan every...



Wanted: A suitable ‘communist’ groom

Kolkata: Twenty-five-years old Manisha Prasad (name changed on request) has a different demand from her prospective husband. Unlike other girls, she does not care...

‘Mighty’ BJP and suspense over three Lok Sabha seats in Jharkhand

Ranchi/Kolkata:  It has been over a week, since Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) declared the names of its Lok Sabha election candidates for ten seats...

Jharkhand tribal ‘naxal’ leader’s encounter termed fake

The news of dreaded naxal leader Motilal Baske, being gunned down by Jharkhand Police in an encounter? Now, villagers and political parties have begun a string of protest against the police, claiming that he was simple labour, who ferried pilgrims at the Parasnath Hills.

बहुमत तो जुटा लिया रघुबर दास की भाजपा सरकार ने पर पूरी कैबिनेट कभी नही बनाई

रांची: चुनाव आते ही तमाम  राजनीतिक दल वादों का पीटारा खोल देते हैं। और संविधान की दुहाई देने लगते  हैं। लेकिन चुनाव परिणाम के...

Rajsamand murder: “He had not married any Hindu woman,” declares the wife, demands justice

Rajsamand/Malda/Kolkata: A wail greets you as you goes near to the house of Gul Bahar Bibi, at Syedpur village in Kaliachak, Malda district in...