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Arrested Policemen Say, They Visited Anish’s House After OC Order

Father: I will talk to my lawyer before taking any step. I am not happy with the verdict of the Calcutta High Court as we still demand a CBI probe and will do whatever is needed till a CBI probe is ordered

Kolkata: The two arrested policemen home guard Kashinath Bera and civic volunteer Pritam Bhattacharya over the Anish Khan death case on Thursday claimed that they visited Anis’s house as the OC (officer in-charge) of Amta police station had ordered them.

While being produced to Uluberia session court, the two policemen claimed that they were being ‘framed’.

“We have not gone to Anish’s place on our own. We have been instructed by the OC to visit there. We are being framed,” said one of the policemen.

Asked whether they had pushed Anish from the terrace to which the accused said that they didn’t know as they were not there.

The wife of home guard Kashinath Bera also alleged that her husband is being ‘framed’ as without instructions of top officials they cannot operate.

However, the Uluberia session court has given 14 days of Judicial Custody to the two arrested policemen and also permitted the Test Identification Parade as ordered by Calcutta High Court in presence of the District Judge.

Slamming the police, Anish Khan’s father Salim Khan said, “The police are claiming that there is a separate pipeline in my house and according to them while escaping from that pipeline, Anish fell down and died. Not just OC even officials higher than OC is also involved in my son’s murder case,” said Khan.

Anis’s elder brother Shabir Khan alleged that they don’t have any ‘faith’ in the police.

“Even if the two policemen are arrested, we don’t know whether they are actual culprits. Four came to our house and the remaining two are still not arrested,” said Shabir.

Meanwhile, Calcutta High Court orders for the second autopsy of Aliah University’s deceased student, Anis Khan.

Following a plea by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed by chief minister Mamata Banerjee to the Calcutta High Court, the court on Thursday ordered a second post-mortem, under the monitoring of the District Judge.

“Not just a second postmortem, but the court has also asked the family members to submit the mobile phone of Anish to SIT which will be sent to Hyderabad forensic department and also allowed Test Identification (TI) Parade,” said the High Court sources.

Notably, Anish’s father had time and again claimed that he can identify the policemen who had allegedly visited their house before his son was allegedly murdered as according to him none of the policemen were wearing masks.

However, Salim Khan was not happy with the decision of the court, to continue with the SIT inquiry.

“I will talk to my lawyer before taking any step. I am not happy with the verdict of the Calcutta High Court as we still demand a CBI probe and will do whatever is needed till a CBI probe is ordered,” said Khan.

Khan along with other villagers assembled in front of Amta police station on Thursday to meet the top police officials amidst protest from students of Aliah University and Congress’ Chhatra Parishad, who even tried to break the barricades done by the police to prevent the crowd.

Advocate Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya said that the court has instructed to give a copy of the autopsy and the forensic report of Anish’s mobile to both, the court and SIT and after analysing it the court will further the proceedings after 15 days.

Meanwhile, at the time of reporting police officials visited the burial ground where Anish is cremated to install CCTV cameras and lights so that no ‘unscrupulous’ incident happens.

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