One Day He says, I was like his daughter, next day, he wanted me as second wife: Journalist Sayantanee

So the days arrived when I started doubting my news sense. All the journalism I learnt in last seven years prior to joining this Big Bong Brand, was slowly becoming worthless for my new Boss, my Editor, let’s say Mr. Tiger. It is difficult to let go off a passion, but I did. I stepped down, I resigned. I, at times, feel Mr. Tiger had some serious problem with his brain. Or he had lost it totally to his arrogance gained from professional success. So on some occasions Tiger used to tell me I was like his daughter and therefore i used to think i should not doubt him. And he used to advise me a good sound sleep.

The very next day he would tell me that had my will prevailed, I would have accepted you as my second wife!

Okay back then I was going through a terrific situation in personal life and he was aware of my helplessness. I agree he was helpful but poor me did not realise that the help was  sowing seeds for his sex-starvation. I was fighting a battle with in me. Every single day of that 1 year I went to that office with a fear in mind and a hatred in heart for this man. I joined here in October, 2016 and resigned in January this year.

Being a crime reporter for years I was suddenly beatless here. For months I had no idea what stories I was doing. And what kind of journalism it was. I went upto him to ask for work, his used to reply, “why are you bothered when you are earning well”. It was a time I needed this financial independence as I going through a tough panch in my personal life.

He insisted me to accompany him to his private bunglow, a few hour drive from Kolkata.

I kept dodging his proposals. I wanted to survive at least for a while. Everyday i used to wake up regretting my decision of returning to Kolkata, and leaving Patna. I was working there as Senior Correspondent with The Times of India and joined there in 2012.

The ordeal became part of my life. I kept on begging for beat. So one day I was tagged along with Didi . The other day he assigned me to be a tour reporter of  Didi. And on third day he again pestered me to go to the bungalow. As i denied again, a month later I was sent to cover civic body instead of the Didi thing. I digested. But I could not digest how cheap a person could be who knowingly wants to take advantage of a lady who was fighting her demons already.

Every other day I was told I was a worthless reporter. They used to wonder how did the English edition of his brand gave me promotion. I repeat I tried to handle the situation as safely as possible. During this confidence-waning episodes as directed by the spineless, Fat belly Editor, I did not give in to his predatory advances.

The day came when I told myself enough is enough. Journalism runs through my veins. I did not learn it from you and therefore you cannot make me unlearn it. I did quit the news house, the pukesome newsroom of Tiger. Leaving a job should not be an option for anyone but not doing justice to your passion, your work but taking home salary is dishonesty. So I stepped down. I might be asked why I never lodged a complaint against him or asked for office intervention. Well I became judgemental. Myself being a crime reporter I knew my grievances will hardly ever see any justice. Someday or other I would be removed and I did not want that to happen. In India complaints of sexual harassment at workplace is not unbiased, my experience says. So I started looking for options. Well meanwhile I must mention here – I always made clear that I am not liking his attitude and someday I clearly told him in a text that how his attitude towards me was not suitable for his image. I shared my experience with my formal colleagues and friends. I shared screenshots of his chat with me. It is not the first time I am writing about it. I wrote almost the same thing in my blog a year back.

Nobody ever taught me how to handle this kind of shit but I shall teach my daughter definitely..

I did not name anyone here because I never made a written complaint against him despite the fact that he used to try to touch. I decided to move on and leave him with people who deserve him.


Sayantanee now freelances for a living.

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