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Raje uses “demise” for Zafar Khan as she fails to uphold her promise

Pratapgarh/Jaipur: The tweet of Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje that “The demise of Zafar Khan ji in Pratapgarh is extremely unfortunate. Investigation is on – justice shall prevail, raised many questions than the answers, and sparked outrage on Raje’s response by people across the country, who were expecting no such unkind reaction from the state chief on the lynching incident. Zafar had stopped Pratapgarh Municipal officials from clicking pictures of women defecating in open on Friday Morning, when he was lynched.

When the tweet came, it was two days of the horrific incident, in which a social activist got lynched before his wife and daughter among many others, but police did not arrest anyone.

On Sunday, in her tweet, Raje quoted the tweet of Udaipur IG. The IG, who seems created account only a day back, first used demise word for the lynching and said, “Demise of ZafarKhan is unfortunate. Scientific evidence doesn’t suggest murder. Law will take its course @BDUTT @thesuniljain @ShekharGupta.”

Soon from Congress leader Sachin Pilot to CPI-ML activist Kavita Krishnan, with whose party Zafar Khan was associated, was appalled on  chief minister’s use of word—demise.

The question now arises, if 55-year-old Zafar died while morning walk, does it really matters for thechief of state to even tweet? When dairy farmer Pehlu Khan was lynched by cow vigilants on April 1, it took her 25 days to break silence on the first major lynching episode in Rajasthan.

But the tweet on Zafar reflects in her reply on Pehlu Khan lynching itself. She had claimed that such incidents are not going to be tolerated in the state, but this has occurred again and this time involving government officials. According to social observers the incident was more heinous in nature as it was allegedly instigated by ward commissioner Ashok Jain of Pratapgarh Municipality.

In the earlier story by eNewsroom, deceased’s brother Noor Mohammad had quoted that it was ward commissioner who had ordered the killing of Zafar and later Municipal team officials went berserk on the social activist. Noor had also lodged case and named Ashok.

Today, we are also sharing a video, in which a woman clearly saying that, “Mere Saamne Mara, Mere Saamne Mara (they killed him in front of her, they killed him in front of her).”

“We were waiting for chief minister (Vasundhara Raje)’s action and statement in this regard, but the way she tried to trivialize the lynching, now we have lost the hope of justice,” Noor Mohammad reacted to eNewsroom.

Meanwhile, the four accused who were in custody, released by Pratapgarh police by making the case under section 151 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) against them. That they cannot form an assembly of five or more people, which can disturb public peace.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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